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How TAG Heuer Became a Successful Watch Brand

A lot of watch brands have risen to fame because of their innovation and perseverance, and TAG Heuer is no stranger to fame and success. TAG Heuer is a Swiss watch brand offering reliable and beautiful timepieces for more than a century already. It contributed several innovations that greatly improved the watchmaking industry. For this reason, the brand became capable of producing timepieces with a high level of performance. By investing in research and development, it has always had something new to offer in the market making it one of the industry leaders. In this article, we will take a look at 10 key points of its history to let you know how it became a successful watch brand today.

Excelled as the Time Keeper in Sporting Events

The original name of TAG Heuer was Heuer Watch Company. Edouard Heuer, the founder, decided to put up the workshop in St. Imier, located in the Jura region of Switzerland. A few years after that, it introduced high-quality timepieces that allowed it to have a great reputation in the industry in terms of quality workmanship and precision timekeeping. Watch collectors considered it as an expert in the timing of sporting events because of the technical innovations that its timepieces had. 

The Paris and Amsterdam Olympics held in the early 1920s even recognized it as their official timekeeper. The popularity of the brand tremendously increased when it released the Autavia collection in 1933. It caught the attention of the majority of sports car racers because of its great precision, durability, design, and features. Nowadays, it is still an excellent choice when conducting timing sporting events.

Invented the Oscillating Pinion

There was a time in the history of horology when watch collectors and enthusiasts demanded more reliable watches that were easier to service. Edouard Heuer addressed it by inventing the oscillating pinion in 1887. He referred to it as the simplified version of the chronograph. Up to this day,  manufacturers use it as one of the main components of their timepieces. 

The oscillating pinion underwent a series of tests to ensure that it can efficiently power the watches. Many watch brands use the simplified process of manufacturing, assembling, adjusting, and servicing. The best thing is that it lowers the production costs. Despite this, it can still accurately tell the time.

Produced the First Watch to Reach Outer Space

TAG Heuer is a popular watch brand because one of its timekeeping tools was the first one that reached space. In May 1961, President John F. Kennedy shared his plan of letting man land on the moon and safely return to Earth after quite some time. To reach that goal, he discussed several steps to follow which included a man reaching the orbit. It became possible when John Glenn flew the Mercury Friendship mission way back in February 1962. He orbited the Earth three times while wearing the TAG Heuer 2915A on his wrist. It served as his backup timer to ensure his safety. Nowadays, you can find it in the National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC.

The Release of the TAG Heuer Carrera 

The watches under the Carrera collection can withstand the conditions in automobile racing. The person responsible for the name of the collection was Jack Heuer, the nephew of Edouard Heuer. He derived it from the Carrera Panamericana which was a popular and dangerous race run held in Mexico. Watch collectors and enthusiasts often referred to it as the cult status because of its perfectly legible dial and impressive features that can withstand vibration when driving. 

The Reason Behind the Popularity of the Heuer Monaco

The Heuer Monaco, also known as the McQueen Monaco, is a famous watch collection of TAG Heuer because it has exquisite features when used in automobile racing. The company had a wider audience for this watch when the general public saw Steve McQueen wearing it on his 1971 film, “Le Mans”. He wore the Heuer Monaco because his racing driver recommended it to him.  

The Return of Jack Heuer

Jack Heuer used to manage the company in 1962 until he decided to enter the electronic industry when TAG Group acquired it in 1985. He had a lot of plans to improve his position in the industry and generate more sales. He was the person who supervised the creation of the Carrera collections and led the launch of the Caliber 11 Development Programs. 

It was only in 2001 when Jack Heuer returned to the company as the honorary chairman. With his presence, TAG Heuer reached new heights and received a lot of notable recognition. He decided to retire a day before his 81st birthday because he promised himself that he would not work after 80 years old. 

The Release of the Monaco V4

The Monaco collection was already popular until the company saw the need to enhance the product for a higher audience reach. In 2004, it launched the Monaco V4 at Baselworld through the help of CEO Jean-Christophe Babin. He announced that they created this watch to make a statement which is to achieve new heights, develop cutting edge, and improve mechanical movements. 

The company’s journey in making the Monaco V4 was not easy. It took them several years to have the design that they have in mind. It was in 2009 when the brand made the Monaco V4 available for sale. Its design has several unique functions that other watches do not have. The company developed it through the help of Guy Semon who made it belt-driven instead of using the typical gear train and wheels with teeth. 

In Conclusion

Tag Heuer is a watch brand with a strong history of innovation and a strong relationship with the sports racing industry. If you want to own a TAG Heuer watch without visiting any physical stores, you may place your order on WatchShopping.com. It is an online marketplace committed to providing authentic luxury watches at a relatively lower price. 

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