5 Easy Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look More Aesthetic

Today’s bedroom has become a lot of things in the past year. More than a place to sleep in, it has become a classroom, an office, a study area, or even a studio for others. The truth about it is whether you’re in a meeting or online class, our friends and colleagues not only see us but even the interior and aesthetic of our personal caves.

So, what should you do? Keep it as it is or better yet, step up your bedroom aesthetic! You can do this by thoughtfully decorating and organizing everything that people would see in your bedroom. Well, on top of the good impressions you can score from others, the heart of the matter is you also get to appreciate and enjoy this haven and sacred space. In this post, we will show you 7 easy tips to make your bedroom more pleasing to the eyes. Let’s start!

1. Use Pretty Storage Containers

Got plastic storage boxes? Great. They are perfect for storing in attics, garages, closets, or even under your bed if you have the extra space. The problem is though, they may look bulky or cluttered if you place them out in the open of your room. 

You can always stack your magazines and books, display your skincare products, chargers, and other essentials as they are, but why not display them in a decorative storage baskets? Among other storage options, aesthetic storage baskets are not only stylish but can also help you keep your things organized. Not only that, since there are tons of sizes, types, and designs to choose from, they will help you get the bedroom aesthetics you want to achieve.

2. Complete the Three Types of Light

There are three color types of lightbulbs and they serve different purposes. The first is the natural white which provides high contrast of colors in your room. This color is perfect if you do lots of reading on physical documents and books. The next color is neutral white or warm white. This color, on the other hand, is the ideal bulb for any home office setting or study desk. It brings out natural colors and it almost mimics natural outdoor lighting. Last but not least is the ultra-warm white. This color is often used in living space to vibe out a vintage or decorative atmosphere.

If you would notice, all three are important in their own way which makes them hard to compare. Especially now that that bedroom is not just a place where we lounge or relax. If your main bulb is either one of these, say you have a natural white bulb,  you can get a lamp or a bulb with the ultra-warm color to neutralize your bedroom lighting–and vice versa if your main bedroom bulb is the ultra-warm color. Otherwise, there are color-changing LED bulbs that you can switch to and from natural white, neutral white, and ultra warm. Buy this type of bulb if you need to conveniently switch colors as needed. For whatever purpose you have in mind, these are the basic yet essential pointers you need for good lighting.

3. Choose Colors Wisely

Having your own rooms means having the freedom to pick out the colors that you want, but the last thing you want is to get a chaotic blend of non-cohesive hues and colors. To serve as a guide, there are two rules of thumb. The first option is to select a palette of neutral colors. Palette is a combination of two or more colors or shades that blend well together. For example, you happen to have white walls and wooden furniture–you may pick beige, cream, or off-white, and a little gray as the dominating colors in your palette. That way, brown in your furniture would pop wonderfully.

The second option is to choose a theme and stick to it. Choosing a theme is close to deciding on a palette but making sure that object or piece of furniture is out of place. For example, you thought of going for a rustic country house theme, a modern vase or furniture of overly vibrant colors like royal purple would be off against the brown tones of the theme. Either way, just make sure that every piece and color complements the dominating shades–and even if you plan to break the rules, your judgment will help you spot if an object is out-of-place or not!

4. Display Art Pieces That Are Significant to You

It’s quite tempting to buy, hang, or display random bedroom embellishments just because they “look nice.” There is inherently nothing wrong with adorning your room that way, but it would be nice to display art or decorations that mean something to you. 

Imagine a classmate or a boss asking about the painting in your background. It would be cooler to say that it is an oil-in-canvas or portrait given to you by a close friend than to say they are random ornamentals that hold not much value at all. Our art appreciation is unique, so it would be nice to have a story behind the art pieces you have on display.

5. Show Off the Goodies, Hide All the Clutter

This is not another preachy guide towards minimalism. Some people tend to worship this trend by keeping their bedrooms bare. The quintessential idea of minimalism, however, is to keep what is essential.

The same principle is similar to that in the previous item of this list. We do not declutter just to let go or store away, but we’re keeping what we’re keeping around because they matter and hold everyday importance in our lives. Having a spacious bedroom will just be a side benefit in the long haul. Nonetheless, it is keeping the most valuable and useful things, and sometimes even making them the centerpiece of our bedroom, are what is more important.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your bedroom is a personal and sacred space that you just sometimes need to show to the world. That is why we hope this list has guided you to make your bedroom uniquely yours and make it look its best! For more storage furniture, ideas, and inspiration, be sure to check out Storables.com today!

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