Looking for a Superb Luxury Timepiece? Try a Breitling Watch!

It has been known that space programs like NASA trust watches of this caliber. This is true. With such mathematical precision, Breitling has surpassed others watched in that feat alone. It is for that exact reason why international pilots from many generations have trusted the Breitling brand. You can’t go wrong with the Breitling watch. Both in precision and style, Breitling can excite your sense of inner luxury. We all have that inner eye for luxurious items. As they say, money might not buy everything. But it can buy you a precious watch that puts your taste to the same level as those with expensive and elevated personas. 

Why Do People Love Breitling Watches? 

First, let us look at the history. All aviators have trusted Breitling watches for decades. The slide rule bezels in Breitling watches helped aviators compute mathematical equations. Pilots have relied on the mathematical accuracy of the brand. It was not later that divers followed suit. Now it has become a watch for adventurers and those who are not afraid of heights and depths. For these reasons, the brand has won famous patrons. Celebrities like Henry Cavill, Simon Cowell, David Beckham, among others, are supporters of the Breitling watches. 

Bestseller Breitling Watches

Breitling watches are generally expensive. The cost is due to the hi-grade materials and intense craftsmanship that goes through each watch. For this reason, you cannot find a cheap Breitling watch anywhere. They can cost more than a car. Having them on is a testament to financial freedom reserved for celebrities, CEOs, and people in high places. However, wearing one is not only for the sake of fame or vanity. This watch is respected among the military, pilots, divers, and astronauts. 

The following are the popular Breitling watches that people crave to have. If you are new to the brand, then this is an excellent reference for you to start. 

  • Navitimer 1 Automatic Chronometer; 38mm Chronometer-certified
  • Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk Chronograph; 43mm Chronograph
  • Bentley GMT Light Body; 45mm Chronograph
  • Bentley B05 Unitime; 49mm Chronograph, World time
  • Galactic Blue Steel; 41mm time only.
  • Navitimer 8 Automatic; 41mm Chronometer-certified
  • Chronomat 44 GMT; 44mm Chronograph, GMT
  • Superocean Heritage II Chronograph Automatic; 44mm Chronograph

Breitling Has Traditional Quality but Eyes for Innovation

Suppose you are exploring faraway places, and you get lost along the way? Your Breitling watch can save you. Thus, the Breitling Emergency Watch has saved lives through decades. This advantage is due to its dual frequency locator beacon. The beacon will bring rescue to you. If you think about it, people can get into accidents and also get lost in the woods. They can suffer from stroke or hypothermia. But not so when you have a Breitling watch with you. This watch has proven to save many lives in the past and continues to do so. 

Breitling Watches: Are You Into Quartz?

Automatic watches are generally expensive. That is why they are the stuff of luxury and craftsmanship. However, some people will never outgrow their love for quartz watches. This whole preference came out in the 80s when quartz watches were convenient. They follow the explosion of digital watches that can do other things like setting up an alarm and also give the calendar, among other things. However, the issue with digital watches is that they could never be aligned with luxury watches’ elegance. The quartz is the closest thing to that, but with low maintenance and accurate mechanical movement to tell you the time. Soon quartz watches became complicated, featuring many things like calendars and more. 

In hindsight, quartz watches are known to be accurate. Yet, only Breitling has made it to the COSC certification for quartz watches in all the watches in the world. There are two Breitling quartz watches as of today that is famous for this movement. They are the Breitling Galactic and Breitling Professional. Having these watches ensures accuracy and low maintenance. Plus, they are also excellent as they all carry the iconic Breitling brand. Quartz watches have never been so exciting until Breitling started creating and marketing its own. 


If you have the cash splurge for luxury watches, the Breitling should be on top of your list. It is a brand that has the respect of aviators, car racers, divers, and astronauts. This is not simply a watch for the sake of beauty. Inside any Breitling watch is a fine mechanical movement that has undergone rigorous testing. Each part is made of fine materials that can rival any famous luxury watch in the world. You can tell the personality of someone through a watch. Breitling is not all show. It is also about telling time most accurately and elegantly. We hope this post has guided you towards getting your first Breitling watch. Check out WatchShopping.com for more information and amazing deals!

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