5 Best PDF Bear Features for Your School and Work Needs

It’s strange to think that technology evolves just as quickly as human beings do. We have become more and more centered on electronics and the internet nowadays. But this is also for our convenience. Everything can now be done online. Whether it’s work, school, entertainment, or shopping, technology has a big role in all of them.

With this, we must learn different techniques to maximize the technology that we are thankfully blessed with. We have to take advantage of technology so we can make everything much easier for us. This, in turn, will also help us work more efficiently. So, in this article, we’ll introduce you to a great online tool to help you with your school, work, and other document needs. Keep reading to find out more!

Introducing PDFBear!

A great online tool to help you with all your document needs is PDFBear! It’s an online software as a service (or SaaS) website to help you convert different files to PDF and vice versa. Whether it’s converting PDF to Excel, PowerPoint to PDF, JPG to PDF, or any other office file, it’s all possible with PDFBear! You can also edit PDF files and highlight them or put an e-Sign on them. It’s truly an all-in-one tool for your document needs!

But what makes PDFBear special from other PDF SaaS tools out there is its ease of use and free services. Yes, you read that right, PDFBear is easy to use at no cost! When you go to their website, you won’t worry about getting lost in navigating through their tools and features because everything is laid out neatly. You also won’t need to subscribe to anything or make payments prior to using any of their services. And you’ll be happy to know that all your files are secured because the PDFBear website deletes all files from their server after an hour of being uploaded! So, no worries!

The five awesome features of PDF Bear

Now that we’ve given you a brief intro on PDFBear, here are five of its great features for your document conversion and editing needs. You will get a ton of use from these for your work, school, and other requirements.

1. PDF to Excel

Excel spreadsheets are very useful for keeping track of inventories, work tasks, and so much more. But sometimes, your supervisor, colleague, or professor will send you the file in PDF format. Or maybe you saved it in PDF to keep the formatting or look of the file. But no worries, as PDFBear has an easy PDF to Excel feature to help you convert the file quickly.

2. PowerPoint to PDF

PowerPoints are important when lecturing or presenting to a class or meeting. But sometimes, you need a PowerPoint to review or print. The PowerPoint to PDF feature can help you turn your slideshows into PDFs. With this, you can easily make PowerPoints into easy reading materials, ready for printing or highlighting!

3. JPG to PDF

Some work tasks or school projects may require you to save a ton of JPG images. The problem with this is that JPG images can take a lot of disk space on your device. The best way to keep all your saved images without compromising photo quality is to convert them to PDF. This also makes it easier for you to send or share with others via email. You can even print them without worrying about pixelated or blurry outcomes.

4. e-Sign

Gone are the days when you had to send printed documents back and forth via snail mail or courier to have them signed. You can now sign contracts and agreements quickly and easily with the e-Sign feature. No need to go through the hassle of booking couriers or waiting days to weeks for signatures. This feature truly makes everything much easier.

5. Add watermark

Making sure your original documents or projects are kept safe is important! When sharing your documents with many recipients, it’s best to put watermarks on them. If in any case, someone tries to leak your documents then they will have a hard time doing so. And you can also track them easily.

Give PDFBear a try!

So, those are five awesome features of PDFBear. But you will find so many more great tools for you to maximize your documents when you visit the PDFBear website. Once you try PDFBear, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using it all this time. So, give it a go! You won’t need to register or make any payments before you can use their services. Just upload the files you want to modify and select the appropriate action. In just two minutes, you’ll get instant results ready for downloading or sharing. It’s truly a great tool for all your work or office requirements!


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