4 Ways To Focus In Online Learning Setup

Ever since the outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the traditional classroom setup with physical interaction has transitioned to online learning. And whether we admit it or not, the online learning setup has been tiring for most students especially in times of a pandemic. Tons of papers and requirements have been assigned to us and aside from that, we have to continue studying despite a lack of social interaction and motivation.

That has been the reason why one of the main problems of all students nowadays is the lack of focus during an online class. It may be worsened by many household problems and responsibilities that many students have been juggling in life. If you are one of those students who is currently finding the right way or study habits to keep yourself focused, worry no more because, in this blog, we will show you 4 ways to regain your focus amidst this online learning setup!

Study outdoors

Sometimes, we lack motivation also because we lack fresh air and a conducive learning environment or surroundings. If we lock ourselves inside the four corners of our room, most likely you will experience boredom. So as a tip, we highly encourage you to carry all of your study books and even your laptops and find an area outside of your home where you can feel more relaxed. You may also try to study in your backyards and bring a small outdoor table where you can place your things and belongings while watching the birds and breathing fresh air. Having a dedicated workstation, even outside your room, is a must for you to stay motivated. Furthermore, the natural view outside is always refreshing! has a lot of outdoor tables that you can choose from.

Uninstall your social media applications

Another source of distractions is the social media platforms that we have been using for entertainment. Since you are now studying online and you cannot put away your phones as part of your studying habits, we highly encourage you to uninstall the applications that make you distracted while studying. It includes the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram apps. These social media applications and the likes have its personalized system that allows you to see things that you are interested in while browsing. So the tendency is, once you start browsing your social media accounts, you cannot resist it anymore. Unconsciously, you may also spend hours browsing these apps. Be aware and eliminate these distractions!

Make a “To-do List”

One way to stay organized and focused is by creating your to-do list. Here you will list all the pending tasks and assignments that you have. It includes all the miscellaneous works that you have not finished yet. As a tip, start on the urgent tasks and put them at the top of the list. Second, you should also put some color codings on your list to make it more organized and pleasing to the eye. With this list, you can keep track of what you should have accomplished each day, and you will not be able to forget things that are meant to be finished. This is a great way to start, especially if you are the type of student who has a low attention span. You can simply write them down or use a phone app to aid you.

Do not study near your bed

This is the common mistake most students commit. One of the main reasons why they lack motivation is because they study right on their bed. What they do not know is the more you see your bed, your body has the natural response to feeling sleepy or lazy like you just want to lay down there. Thus, forgetting all of the things that you are supposed to do. So if you want to focus, we suggest that you study at your study table away from your bed. If your study table is just beside your bed, we encourage you to turn it away from it. Instead, have a dedicated workstation in your room.

In a Nutshell

It is undeniable that this online learning setup amidst a pandemic is far more challenging than the traditional classroom setup. You have to study all on your own without the social support that we all are used to. As a result, most of the students experience a lack of motivation and focus while studying. If you are currently experiencing that, try studying outdoors to breathe fresh air and relax. It is also better to uninstall all your social media applications. You may also make a to-do list. And lastly, do not ever study in your bed! We hope that through these tips, you can regain your focus and stay motivated with the online learning setup that we have been experiencing.

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