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994. 5 tactics to take your ecommerce marketing strategy to the next level

In this era of science, the world glimpses at a series of new and effective technologies that have reduced human efforts to half of what they were. Along with the widespread developments taking place around the globe, the growth of the customer has gradually become larger and widespread. Gone are the days when these companies approached the old and traditional marketing agencies to reach out to a target customer base. Such stereotypical ideas continued to exist until the discovery of the new norms of Digital Marketing Masters Program Certification. Several technologies such as the internet, technologies based on the smartphone as well as the introduction of big data have taken over the responsibility of marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

The phenomenon in which the goods and services of an organisation or a company are promoted using the internet or different sources of electronic media such as television commercials is entitled digital marketing. In this event, the e-digital platforms use several sources such as content marketing, social media, email marketing, mobile marketing and so on. This process not only makes it easier for a person who sits in front of an electronic device and doesn’t move from place to place in order to promote the goods and services but also reaches a large customer base throughout the world in a shorter time period. These are also more affordable as compared to traditional marketing firms.

The history of Digital marketing

If a person starts jotting down points mathematically, he or she can say that the development of digital marketing is directly proportional to that of technological developments. This way of marketing came into the limelight in 1971 in which Ray Tomlinson sent an electronic mail through his newly developed technological platform which allowed people living at various distant places to send and receive various files containing different information through different machines of their own. But then, it was in 1990 when the mode of digital marketing was started to be known worldwide after the innovation of the Archie search engine which was built exclusively as an index for the FTP sites. The phrase ‘Digital marketing was later coined in the 1990s when the customer relationship management (CRM) applications became an integral part of the marketing technology along with the launch of the server or client architecture as well as the growing demand of personal computers. The fierce competitions being associated with several struggles led to the final launch of digital marketing automation in the year 2007 keeping an eye on the evolving marketing climatic conditions. By the year 2012-13, stiff graphs were noticed along with growing sophistication as well as needs which indicated the digital marketing to touch the far-reaching heights of success.

The evolution of the digital marketing platform

In 1993, the introduction of accessible banners made a huge impact in the pre-digital era. HotWired company was so moved by the idea that it purchased banner ads to take forward its marketing steps faster. This was the first yet drastic step in the field of online advertisement. The year 1994 marked the introduction of a search engine named Yahoo by the company itself. During this period, several professionals in the marketing field started to adopt a new mechanism so as to have their name in the search engine results by using technical keywords as a weapon. Google, established in 1995, has become one of the most popular search engines across the globe lately which has the upper hand in eliminating sites that used trafficking methods to ensure their name. YouTube came as a bridge between the problem of creating and sharing videos. With growing age, there were many remarkable discoveries that have been using in use since then. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more social sites have now become common and there are over billions of users who have accounts on these sites. The advancement has overwhelmed us all which is purely evident in our day to day life. These digital technologies enable users to connect socially and stay updated.

Digital marketing course, as an improving advancement of technology, has fostered multi-faceted opportunities as well as posed unprecedented goals for the marketing organizations. These organizations as a result make a portfolio of the products and services in this platform so as to promote professional branding. These allow the customers to acquire great knowledge about the following brand.



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