Why does a retreat make us happier?

Why does a retreat make us happier?

Hearing the word retreat, it seems inevitable to think about the beaches  of Bali, Buddhas and meditation ID-100229021exercises, in the style of the movie Come, pray, love . And although in the end the goal is similar (finding aspirations and setting goals, both collective and personal), for us a retreat is something much easier, which does not require getting on a plane and leaving our tasks for 3 months …

It is a joint getaway that all team members carry out to put our ideas in order and in common. It usually lasts 2-3 days, and on these there is time both for work and for fun. Such an outlet especially helps to strengthen the ties between team members and also to the emergence of new ideas, simply because of being in a relaxed and different environment from the office.

In our opinion, the main objectives of a retreat should be:

  • Discuss and define fundamental issues that affect the company, such as mission, long-term objectives or business strategy.
  • Establish short-term goals (maximum for the next 6 months) and draw the road map as well as the contribution of each person to these goals.
  • Have brain storming moments in which new ideas and methods can emerge that imply some improvement.
  • Carry out group activities that help team building and improve trust and communication among all employees.

For this, the ideal is to find a place that has the appropriate conditions to achieve these objectives: a relaxed atmosphere and a feeling of peace, with a suitable place to work and meet, Wi-Fi connection (important !!) and close to areas where that group activities can be carried out. It is also important to define the program, since otherwise it is very easy to lose the thread and that it becomes a little productive day.

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Taking advantage of Cyberclick’s 15th anniversary celebrationOn February 5 and 6 we moved our offices to a beautiful rural house with snowy landscape in Travesseres (municipality of La Cerdanya). In it, on Thursday we spent a morning of intense work in which we analyzed what our journey had been in this first quarter of the year and defined the objectives for the next. After eating, in a more relaxed atmosphere, there was time for “the confessional” (we expressed our concerns and concerns, if any, and tried to help each other) and for a long afternoon-night of board games and Sing Star. On Friday it was time to go up to Andorra to the Naturlandia Park, where we enjoyed a day of hilarious activities such as Air Treck, zip line, the Tobotronc and a ride on snowmobiles.

Fantastic days that allowed us to return to the office with renewed air and eager to jointly face all the challenges that come our way.








Diary of a Millennial - David Tomás

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