Which social network best suits you?

Which social network best suits you?

Due to confinement, social networks have experienced a logical increase in their use, especially by adolescents. This fact has also affected a greater use of devices such as mobile phones, tablets , laptops or desktops. In a previous article we told you how age influenced the use of one social network or another; Today it’s time to talk about which one best suits you according to your interests. These are some examples:


Most of us begin to discover social networks through this platform of university origin, created by the American Mark Zuckerberg , a story that was even taken to the movies with The Social Network . It is a recommended option if your interests are in the following sectors: technological; Health & Wellness; tourism and leisure; cultural; energy and industrial and textile. It has lost popularity over the years but is still the most widely used.


The quintessential microblogging social network served to send messages limited to 140 characters until it made its most notable change, doubling to 280 maximum characters per tweet. It emerged in 2015 through another U.S. businessman, Jack Dorsey. If you are a journalist or work in the audiovisual sector, entertainment, or you like these, it is a highly recommended social network, since it is often spoken of series, television programs or politics.


Without a doubt, the millennial social network and, above all, of the Z generation.  Owned by Facebook since 2012, it started being the preferred application for chefs and gastronomic lovers, since food photos abounded daily in any country where it was used. The stories, direct, video calls and lots of filters are known by many people of all ages, showing the world the daily lives of its users , influencers or not.     


Who doesn’t know the term youtuber by now ? This video sharing platform emerged in 2005 in California (United States). It was acquired by three former Paypal employees and the following year the technology giant Google bought the company. If you like to consume or  generate quality audiovisual content in any sector, you are on the right social network to enjoy the best audiovisuals or unleash your creativity and make your videos go viral. 

Tik Tok

Launched in September 2016 under the name Douyin, this Chinese social network has revolutionized the social media ecosystem with its music videos of up to 15 seconds. During the quarantine it was the most downloaded app along with Zoom. If you consider yourself a person passionate about music and dance, it will be one of your main mobile applications. Celebrities around the world have not lost the opportunity to join this viral boom either .   

In short, there are many social networks for different uses and targets , you will surely find an answer to your preferences in them, it is always advisable to get good information about their characteristics and, above all, dedicate a rational use to them so as not to miss everything we have offline .

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