Web services to send large files comfortably and easily

Web services to send large files comfortably and easily

Surely you have ever wanted to send large attachments by email and you have stayed in the attempt, since the files in question were too heavy and exceeded the limit allowed by our email service. And it is that, today, the mail services have not managed to solve this problem. It is for this reason that other tools have been born to be able to send these large files and, thus, facilitate our task.

In this article we will discuss some of the most interesting web services to send large files in a comfortable and simple way that exist at the moment. They are all easy-to-use web pages that have some of their main strengths in security and speed. We present WeTransfer , FileDropper and FileTea .


Web services for sending large files - WeTransfer conditionsIt is an excellent alternative to manage the sending by email of large files. It is one of the most popular because it offers significant advantages over many other services, such as, for example, that we do not need to download anything or register to use it, much less pay. With WeTransfer we can send up to 2GB in files for each transfer. And is that if you do not have enough with one, the web allows you to send files as many times as necessary, without having any use limit.

The WeTransfer website is in Spanish and its process for sending files is very simple. It consists of two steps: first we will have to select the file that we want in the Send option , and then we will have to write the email address of the recipients . We can add up to 20 different recipients per transfer. A luxury.

It is useful to know that the files that we send with WeTransfer are available for 2 weeks ; After this time, the files in question will be automatically deleted. And if you are concerned about security, the services of this tool comply with all protocols, since it uses a special technology for the encryption of files that ensures your privacy. The service has a paid version, WeTransfer Plus, which allows you to send more and larger files.


This is another service of great use by users. Recently created, it shares most of the advantages that WeTransfer has. With FileDropper ( www.filedropper.com ), however, we can share files up to 5GB (3 more). The service will not require our registration either, but it will be enough to upload the files to the page to generate the link and thus be able to share it with the corresponding recipients.

Web services for sending large files - File Dropper

Its operation is very correct. It also has a payment option , where we will have to register but, in exchange, it will allow us to send files larger than 50GB or 250GB , depending on the option to choose. If in WeTransfer the files expire after 2 weeks, with FileDropper they will be in the system longer, specifically for about 30 days .

The only negative point to highlight is that it does not include a status bar, so we will not be able to know if the upload is being carried out correctly or the time remaining for it to finish.


It is an alternative service that has as its main advantage that it does not have limits for sending files, making it very attractive for users. Its website is: www.filetea.me . FileTea has a more innovative operation than the previous two tools, since what it does is facilitate communication between our team and the team that will receive the files.

Web services for sending large files - FileTeaWith FileTea we will not have to wait to upload files to the network to be able to share them, but the program instantly generates our download link so that we can share it with our recipients. Just drag and drop the files on its interface to start sharing them.

Since the service does not store the files anywhere, it does not care if we have uploaded a 100MB or 100GB file, hence there is no size limitation. In addition, we can see at all times how the download is going . The only requirement that we must fulfill is to keep the browser open during the transfer.

Web services to send large files, conclusions

In this article, then, we have seen 3 very valid options to share any type of file without having to install anything on our computers or have to register anywhere. Both WeTransfer , FileDropper or FileTea fulfill their objective effectively and safely, so that we do not have any more problems when sending large files.

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