The most common breakdowns: screen breaks

The most common breakdowns: screen breaks

What we call a screen on a mobile is actually made up of several layers that we can divide into three levels according to their function.
the screen on a mobile actually consists of several layersA first top layer is the one in charge of protection against bumps and scratches . There are different materials, but the most frequent are, on the one hand, the so-called “Gorilla Glass”, a synthetic material made by Corning from aluminum oxide and silica that we can find in most successful phones, such as the Galaxy range of Samsung, some Sony series such as Xperia or LG and Motorola devices. This material is not the only one possible, since the sapphire crystal obtained from synthetic sapphire is also used in mobiles such as some Huawei models or the recently announced Apple Watch.

The next layer in importance is the touch screen . According to the technology used, we find two types of touch screens in common use, those with resistive technology and those with capacitive technology. The first ones are cheaper and more resistant to dust and salt water and although they are more precise and can also be used with pointers, they have 25% less brightness and are thicker. These resistive screens are currently being replaced by other lighter and better light response based on capacitive sensors that offer the possibility of detecting several pulsations at the same time, despite the fact that they are more expensive than the previous ones and need a special pointer if we do not want to. use your fingers. The last layer consists of the LCD screen which is the one that shows the image.

Not all breaks affect all three layers, although repair costs are usually similar .

Screen protection

Not all breaks involve all three layers, although repair costs are usually similar.Some previous tips can help us minimize the damage caused by regular use and the not always avoidable accidents.

1.- Protect the screen from scratches with a protective sheet. A plastic protector prevents friction with other objects such as keys, if we keep it in the pants pocket. In the future, if this protector is scratched with use, it can easily be replaced by another, since they are usually adhesive.
2.- Use a cover. They usually consist of a back cover and a protective screen cover. They are usually exclusive depending on the brand and model, so we must pay attention to whether it fits our phone so as not to take surprises.
3.- In case you do not want to use a complete cover, it is possible to use a rear cover that will protect the rear camera in case of a blow. This type of open covers also protect the screen by having a lateral projection that will protect it in most of the blows caused by small falls.
4.- Be careful with the cleaning tools, papers and cloths that we use to avoid scratches. It is also recommended to use microfiber cloths.
5.- If you use earrings, use the headphones to talk on the phone.
6.- Configure a suitable brightness adjustment, manual or automatic, reducing brightness

Broken screen

The most common faults: screen breaks and other elements due to falls - Tu Blog TecnológicoBut for many precautions we take we can find a broken mobile. It should be said at the outset that not all breaks are the same; If we see the image clearly and the touch screen works, it means that we are facing a break in the protection layer. In this situation we must assess whether it is worth it to change the screen, since it works correctly. However,  if the touch screen does not work, but the screen is clearly visible, it will be necessary to change the broken glass . In case of display failure or if the screen is not displayed correctly (totally or partially) it will be necessary to replace the LCD screen .

The options that are presented to us at the moment are not many; Go to an official technical service, use a mobile repair website, many of which offer competitive prices for pick-up and delivery to your home, or contact us at one of the many stores that we can find in the neighborhoods of our cities (in the last two cases, having information through friends or neighbors is highly recommended). From Your Technology Blog we recommend going whenever possible to the official technical services.

In any case, prices will vary greatly depending on the models and whether original spare parts are used or not. In the case of Apple and just to give an approximate example of a wholesale chain of assistance we can go from € 300 for a broken screen change (the image is not seen) from an iPhone 6 to € 70 for an iPhone 4 in the same situation. Prices are similar for those cases of failures in the touch screen.

Other elements

The most common faults: screen breaks and other elements due to falls - Tu Blog TecnológicoA fall or impact can also affect other components of our mobile devices, especially speakers and cameras (front and rear). As with displays, the only solution is to repair failed devices.

The cost of the repair of the cameras fluctuates a lot depending on the models, but it should be kept between € 40/50 for a simple model and € 80/90 for some top-of-the-range terminals. This variation is also seen in the speakers, with very considerable differences between the different models (between € 30 and € 90 approximately).

To finish, it is not superfluous to repeat two ideas that can save us some misfortune:

  • Use a cover or at least a back cover (plastic or silicone)
  • In case of need, go to the official repair services

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