The Internet offers a wide range of radio and music. What are you waiting for?

The Internet offers a wide range of radio and music. What are you waiting for?

Listening to the radio or listening to music in general is an activity that accompanies many people in their day to day. In recent years, however, the traditional concept of this activity has been changing, especially as the Internet and new technologies have broken into our lives. As it shows, the fact that more and more people use their mobile devices to carry out this daily action. The Internet offers everything and, how could it be otherwise, it also offers us a huge number of music applications and radio stations .

And, in addition to the websites of traditional radio stations ( Los 40 , Europa FM , M80 , etc.), we can also listen to it through a large number of applications that only have to be installed on our phones or tablets .

Next we will analyze some of the most outstanding free apps ; They are clear and very complete, they will allow us to listen to the radio or listen to music comfortably and to be able to choose between a large number of options and categories. Since there are fewer and fewer mobile devices that have a default radio (neither iOS nor Windows Phone have a radio, and only a part of Android mobiles ), these types of applications have become basic for our devices.

Your Tech Blog: Internet offers a great radio and music offer - TuneInTuneIn

It is possibly the most complete application and one of the most popular since, currently, it is the most downloaded from the list of radio apps in the 3 main operating systems. TuneIn allows us to listen to any station through the Internet connection. Without a doubt, it is an essential application for all radio lovers, as it gives us the option to listen online to more than 70,000 different stations from all over the world , which we can select by genre, location or language. It is like having in our hands the entire world online radio offer .

TuneIn greatly enhances the field of music, since we can choose what type of music or which singer to listen to and the program finds you on some radio station on the planet. The app is agile and very visual, which is why it forms the quintessential radio application.

Your Technology Blog: Internet offers a great radio and music offer - Radios de España– Radios of Spain

As for the national panorama, surely the most complete application is Radios de España, a player of radio stations in our country . The list of included national stations is immense, they are practically all. When you press one, it starts loading and plays it with a simple and easy-to-use interface. This app has a very important plus: when you are listening to a station you can activate “Save current playback” and save it in the Recordings section, so you can listen to it again whenever you want. Another interesting feature is the timer that, if you fall asleep, turns off the application.

Your Technology Blog: Internet offers a great radio and music offer - Jango– Jango

Exclusively for listening to music, it is another of the most popular applications worldwide, since it has a very complete catalog. With Jango we can enjoy the type of music that we like the most through its wide range of musical genres. Its great peculiarity is that we see the themes classified by genres (there is even classical music, which is not usually found in apps of this type), but also for decades , so if we are nostalgic for the 80s, we will have a music channel exclusively of these years. Jango also has a timer, the “Sleep Timer”, thanks to which we can program what time we want it to stop playing music.


Your Tech Blog: Internet offers a great radio and music offer - Spotify

– Spotify

What to say about Spotify . By now practically everyone knows what it is; neither more nor less than the world leader in online music , both free and paid. It has 24 million active users , who in turn have created over a billion playlists. Spotify has brought about a change in the way people listen to music. The decline in the purchase of records and mp3 downloads is staged: users now want services that offer you a variety of music at an affordable price.

It is possible to use Spotify on tablet and computer, where you can listen to what you want when you want, and also in the mobile app, where the music plays in random mode. Spotify presents two types of subscriptions: the free one , which includes advertising, and the Premium (€ 9.99 per month), which allows you to listen to music without an Internet connection and without any advertising ads.

Online radio and music transmission is a trend that is here to stay, with increasing strength, which is why there are currently many options and alternatives with different characteristics, such as the selection that we have put in this article, which can satisfy different tastes and needs.

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