The best alternative search engines to Google

The best alternative search engines to Google

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Today, Google figures do not allow comparison. According to data published by themselves, the search engine satisfies 4 million searches every minute . In Spain, Google accounts for about 95% of the market. Almost nothing. The technology giant is by far the most widely used search engine worldwide, having been the industry leader for many years.

Its domain, promoted thanks to its famous algorithm responsible for the positioning of web pages, goes so far that a new verb has come up to name the searches we do in the digital environment: ” google “. The technology giant has become the de facto standard search engine and many times it seems that we inevitably have to go through it to start our digital activity.

However, despite its enormous relevance, there are alternatives to consider before supporting all our online activity to Google services. There has always been some concern on the part of users regarding the privacy of their data and their activity on the network. Therefore, there are currently a large number of search engines that can perfectly satisfy our needs; some of them, even, providing an extra value to our searches, as we will see below:

Ecosia - The best alternative search engines to Google - Your Technology BlogEcosia

It is a very interesting search engine, since it allows you to work to save the planet while browsing the Internet. Created in 2009, it donates 80% of its advertising revenue to tree planting programs organized by associations such as WeForest, which are part of an exceptional initiative: the “” project, which aims to plant more than 1,000 million of trees worldwide before 2025.

So, every click we make in this search engine will help the environment. Ecosia obtains its income thanks to the advertising shown in each search. In addition, through affiliate links, users who want to can make extra contributions when shopping online . As of today, it has already raised around 1.2 million euros.

Ecosia is, without a doubt, the most ecological search engine on the network since, in addition to all this, its servers use electricity that is produced by renewable sources.

Bing - The best alternative search engines to Google - Your Technology BlogBing

It is the second most used search engine in the world, with almost 20% of users, behind Google, which has 64.5% of the world market share. Bing is the search engine developed by Microsoft and is integrated into Facebook, Apple and Windows devices, which have led to a sharp increase in users in recent years.

Bing’s home page displays periodically changing wallpapers with photos of places, animals, and people from around the world. It has features such as calculation operations, text translation, sports notes, flight tracking, product purchases, etc. It shares many features with Google and visually they are very similar.

The search engine, which also has Bing Ads , the equivalent of Google AdWords, has been gaining users since 2009, since its results are, on many occasions, just as satisfactory as those of Google.

DuckDuckGo - The best alternative search engines to Google - Your Tech BlogDuckDuckGo

It is the search engine that best protects the privacy of users , as we can activate the option that it does not store or share personal information about our online habits. DuckDuckGo aggregates its results from different sources, but does not record user searches to show personalized results. It is for this reason and for being a free software project that this search engine is currently growing a lot in the number of users.

Its performance is very good – nothing to envy Google – and its income comes from a model that schedules only one ad per page . In addition, it includes voice search. Recently, the Firefox browser included the ability to add DuckDuckGo as the default search engine option.

Yahoo Search - The best alternative search engines to Google - Your Tech BlogYahoo Search

It is perhaps one of the best known search engines, after Google, for its veteran . It currently displays the results provided by Bing, providing its services in up to 38 languages.

It is a good alternative to Google, since the search engine is integrated with Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Finance -which have a large amount of information- and Flickr , a company that it has recently acquired. In addition, it also has interesting services such as Yahoo Local and Yahoo Weather, which will show us the business hours of various local businesses, as well as weather forecasting.

So far some of the main Internet search engines alternative to Google . There are 4 options with very different characteristics, so we can use each of them according to our needs. Google offers us a very good service, but it is always good to know other search engines, other options so that our online activity does not completely depend on the technological giant and, thus, have greater control over our searches and our data.

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