These are the technological innovations that will star in 2018

Technological Innovations That Will Star in 2020

Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of things, autonomous cars, blockchain … These and many others are the technological innovations that will mark this 2018 according to experts. Some of them have already begun to be implemented, others will arrive to stay in the coming months and the rest must continue to be developed to unleash their full potential.

This could be a good summary of CES 2018 , the largest annual technology event in the world, which was held last January in Las Vegas and which defined the most powerful lines of work in the technological field.

Today we explain the technological innovations that were presented at the convention and that will star in our lives in the coming years.

Artificial intelligence

In this area, chatbots will continue to capture almost all the attention. Those little interactive avatars that simulate human conversations are going to continue solving doubts for us, helping us to make certain types of claims and even reserving airline tickets for us. These applications are slated to gain even more strength this year and companies will start using them to expand their services and customer service channels .

Virtual and augmented reality

We have heard about these two concepts for a long time, although they never seem to take off. Companies like Facebook, Google or Samsung have begun to introduce these new technologies, so it is expected that, over the years, they will become something everyday. Experts predict that both realities eventually combined to give us a mixed reality that will transform the way in which consumers buy and in which people interact with each other.

Internet of things

Coffee machines, refrigerators, washing machines 2.0 … The Internet connection of the objects that we use on a daily basis is another of the challenges that technology has set itself in recent times. The most powerful line of work in this area are virtual home assistants , those small devices that you can place anywhere in the house and that are capable of solving doubts and completing tasks without anyone approaching or pressing any button. The HomePod Apple and Alexa Amazon are examples.

But home appliance companies are also starting to design connected fridges and washers, smart vacuums, and automatic clothes-folding machines, so the connectivity of these systems is expected to grow ever higher.

Autonomous cars

2018 will not be the year in which the use of the autonomous car will spread, they still need to evolve and finish improving, but what is clear is that more and more manufacturers are investing in this type of technology, so it is expected that they will arrive to the general public in the coming years .


You may have heard of this concept and still don’t know what it means; don’t worry, it’s totally normal. The blockchain is something like a blockchain that pretends that it is the same user who has the information and full control in the payment processes and money transfers .

Until now, it was the banks and payment platforms such as PayPal that acted as intermediaries between two users when they wanted to make a sale or a money transfer, so they were also the ones who had all the information and were in charge of validating them.

This new method proposes that they are the users themselves, who in turn are part of a larger group of users who have the same information, who are responsible for verifying that the process is carried out correctly and can validate the transaction.

The blockchain poses a huge economic revolution , so it is clear that many interests come into play . Despite this, experts assure that the extent of its use is closer than we think and it is really an enormous advantage, since it offers the possibility of making transparent transactions without the risk of fraud and without the fear of a cyberattack.

News on mobile phones, computers and televisions

We could not forget the novelties that are going to be implemented in the three devices most used by the majority on a daily basis: televisions, mobiles and computers .

In all three cases, it seems that the evolution is going to be on the screens , which will be bigger and bigger and will offer better image quality (TV companies will start presenting them in 8k this year). But, in addition, it seems that this year the roll-up screens will arrive , quite an invention.

In short, these are novelties that have come to make life easier for us and that, although a priori may seem too revolutionary, will become the technologies of the future.

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