Teaching the importance of protecting privacy

Teaching the importance of protecting privacy

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection has presented a new version of its portal ” You decide on the internet ” with new content and guides, among which we can point out a guide for minors and another for parents and teachers on privacy problems on the Internet. With a completely renovated image and new materials available, the AEPD website is now a modern and user-friendly website with quality content. This website, which is part of a project aimed at the training of the minor, offers reference materials for young people between 10 and 14 years old, and publishes help and reference documents for parents and teachers .

Nobody is oblivious to the increasingly urgent need to teach children and young people to protect their privacy on the Internet, especially in the face of the rise and presence of social networks and their massive use. The AEPD aims to help meet this need with the guide ” Do not get tangled up on the Internet ” which offers, with its versions for parents and educators and its youth version, a clear list of threats and practical advice to avoid them.

The guides are made up of eight files, accessible online or in PDF format, which deal with the problem of the minor’s personal data, the different traps that can be found on the Internet (misleading websites, excessive cookies, free Wi-Fi, viruses or free downloads) and the guidelines to deal with them, the rights and the recommendations to register and unsubscribe from Web services. The document also addresses the problems of harassment and coexistence on social networks and the tricks and recommendations to facilitate coexistence and the proper use of personal data, without forgetting the problem of instant messaging. They also do not forget to offer us tips and tricks for the use of tablets, mobiles and computers and the privacy problems that the cloud offers. The document ends with an approach to the phenomenon of sexting and addiction.

Ultimately, we are in front of a very interesting portal in which parents and educators can find material, and these guides are a good example of this, which will make it easier for them to help their children or students prepare for the security and privacy problems that social networks and the Internet raises minors. We cannot stop recommending this public portal, because as the Agency itself points out:

“The best way to guarantee the protection of minors on the Internet is through their training and awareness.”


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