San Publicito and Santa Publicita: celebrating Advertising Day

San Publicito and Santa Publicita: celebrating Advertising Day

On January 25 of each year the Advertising Day is celebrated , as well as Saint Publicito and Santa Publicita . Although, according to the Spanish collective agreement for advertising companies, its celebration, if it does not coincide on Friday, will be transferred to the first working Friday after that date, or in other words, the last Friday of January .

The day of Saint Paul the Apostle was chosen as the patron, because he was one of the apostles who preached the word of God with greater fervor. Originally, it was only celebrated by advertisers, but today all the people who work in the digital sector: information technologies, marketing and communication, have in Saint Paul the Apostle their saint.

On the other hand, we have San Publicito . It emerged a few years ago from an original and ingenious campaign by Peanuts & Monkeys . And Santa Publicita , initiative of the Grow agency  to give visibility to women with a patron saint for this day.

We encourage you on the day of Advertising, of San Publicito and Santa Publicita to toast with the entire team and go for a while afterwork. Let’s celebrate traditional and digital advertising!

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    The origins of San Publicito on Advertising Day

    To understand the origins of this holiday for advertising we must stick to 3 different legends that narrate how Saint Publicito , our beloved and beloved patron, became a martyr in this, our wonderful world of advertising. We don’t know if the stories are true or not, but offers them to us with all their sense of humor .

    There is something for everyone, so everyone can keep the one they like the most, have fun or get hooked:

    1 # San Publicito intern

    According to legend, Publicito was a poor fellow in the sales department of any company, the name of which has been lost in the memory of the times. The boy, who wanted to make a mark on his new team, decided to create an OC (Purchase Order) in the management tool of his advertising company … Without success, as expected. One of the customers called to ask for one of his bills to be paid. Publicito built up his courage and faced the dreaded tool for the first time. To his bad luck, he asked for a son first, then his blood, and finally his life. Thus ended the sad life of a small Publicito who had just begun his journey through the dark and sinister world of management and accounting tools in advertising agencies. D.E.P


    2 # San Publicito graphic designer

    Another of the legends tells us that, in fact, Publicito worked in a graphic company at night. One of those nights and after facing more than 50,000 modifications and revisions by a client, he asked Publicito to make the logo bigger. Publicito, that the poor man waited tired to be told that his shift was over and he could return home to rest after a long day of work, ended up being crushed by a giant logo. Nothing could be done for his life. D.E.P


    3 # San Publicito producer

    Finally, the other legend that exists around the figure of our highest patron tells that Publicito witnessed a true divine miracle. In one of his days as a worker in a production department, the good guy from Publicito found himself a miraculous briefing with consistent delivery times, perfect timing and a big budget to start working with . Not a single hit, not a single but. Without hardly believing it, Publicito went to print the work with the bad luck that the 5-ink machine also swallowed his body. From that moment, all the impressions of the advertising agencies appear with a direct ink message as a tribute to their loss. D.E.P

    As we do not want to suffer the same fate as our beloved and admired Publicito, during this day we are not allowed to work (or at least the bare minimum), whether it is to be crushed by a logo, swallowed by a 5-ink machine or run out gobbling up some of the wicked management tools. Better not to tempt luck. Wherever he is, he will also enjoy with us. It goes for you, Publicito!


    San Publicito, present in all agencies

    And after these 3 fun legends, we wanted to mention how the legend of San Publicito started: it was due to a great initiative by the Peanuts & Monkeys agency,

    They created ‘ San Publicito on Tour ‘, so that a wood carving created for the occasion in the shape of the advertising saint, would roll by different agencies in the Spanish territory during 2015 and 2016. It was very successful and quickly filled the quota of agencies they would take the size of the saint in turns. At the end, the tour was finished and the figure of San Publicito was already fixed in the offices of Peanuts & Monkeys.

    Do you want to see how the size of San Publicito was made and know more details of this great initiative?

    It all started, as they themselves say, as a prank to organize a party around the day of Advertising.

    In this way, a group of advertisers decided to claim the day of all the advertisers baptizing it as San Publicito and, to accompany it, what better than to create an image that recreates the figure of our employer and to which to turn when inspiration is made to pray .

    Santa Publicita arrives, the new patron saint of advertisers

    We are experiencing the feminine revolution. And it was also necessary to have a presence on Advertising Day and create a patron saint: Santa Publicita . “Because now, more than ever, it is time to make visible to all the women who have made and make this blessed profession bigger every day,” says the team at Grow, the creator of this initiative.

    The agency has launched a microsite where it presents the patron saint, who lights us all with a light bulb, so that we can generate more and better ideas. Anyone who wants can ask them to send him a stamp with the image of Santa Publicita and its corresponding prayer.

    Grow does not want to take center stage from San Publicito, but to put a feminine reference on this appointed day. If we collect the data from the More Creative Women platform in the creative departments there are only 20% women, 14% women who are creative directors and 1% in the general creative direction. Hence the initiative to give visibility to Santa Publicita, to pay tribute to the female advertising sector.

    Now we already have a pattern and advertising pattern.

    Santa Publicita

    Happy Advertising Day!

    We do not want to miss this opportunity to congratulate the rest of our colleagues in our sector and all those who, day after day, give their best to achieve the best advertising campaigns and the best marketing strategies. To celebrate our day as Publicito commands and to continue enjoying the profession. Without further ado, wish all the comrades in battle many successes and good results.

    May Saint Publicito and Santa Publicita be with you always!

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