Pocket and other services to save web content and read it later

Pocket and other services to save web content and read it later

Many times we find interesting content on the Internet (an article, a news item, a report, a video …), but due to lack of time we cannot read or view it at the moment we have it in front of us; and more now with social networks, where millions of links are shared with content per minute. Thanks to tools like Pocket , among others, we can already save this content for later reading , for when we have a free time.

The use of this type of services that allow us to save all kinds of links with content to always have on hand the articles that we cannot or want to read instantly, has become a very popular trend, since they are most comfortable and they become addictive.

There are several tools that help us carry out this service, some of which we will talk about in the final section of this article, but it is Pocket who takes the cake. Pocket is the most popular of them all, with more than 11 million users worldwide, surely because it is the one that offers the best service and is also the easiest to use. In addition, they have recently expanded their circle by offering the platform in our language, in Spanish . If the success of this application in Spain was great, now its distribution will be even greater.

Pocket and other services to save web content and read it later

One of the advantages of Pocket is that it allows you to access the content that you have previously saved both online and offline and from any device (PC, tablet, mobile …). And it does it in a simple and intuitive way, with just one click. And it is that this tool saves the article in a clean way. And if they have the application on their mobile phones or tablets, it will synchronize what has been saved. If you want to store interesting links to read them later, Pocket is the best solution. Furthermore, articles can be shared directly on Facebook, Twitter and by email.

The strong point of Pocket is its version for smartphones and tablets, which is impeccable and does not present any difference between the application for the iOS or Android operating system . In these applications, saving links is extremely simple. Next we proceed to explain how to do it.

Saving articles on Android

To save articles on devices with Android operating system, we will only have to share it with Pocket and the file will automatically be saved in the application. When it is saved, we can access it from the mobile mime, on the computer or on the tablet.

Saving articles in iOS

To save items on iOS devices the process is a little more complex. However, the application gives us, when started, a series of instructions to carry it out without difficulty. These instructions will indicate that we will have to create a favorite called “Save to Pocket” , in which we will have to enter a code. We repeat that, with the guidelines given by the application, this process is not lost.

Pocket and other services to save web content and read it later

Once done, to save an item with Safari, just go to favorites and click “Save to Pocket”. The code previously entered will cause the article to be sent to the application. Then, we can already open Pocket and we will see how the article that we just saved comes out.

Other services

Pocket and other services to save web content and read it laterIn the market there are, in addition to Pocket, other applications that perform the same function. Two of the most popular are Instapaper and Readability . Even Facebook , in its constant expansion desire, is planning to compete with these 3 and, according to many information, it is already working to incorporate a new function called “Saved”, so that we can save the publications that appear on the social network and that do not we could have read in due course.

Focusing on Instapaper , the first thing to note is that it is paid . Because of this, many people are already pulling back and opting for free applications like Pocket. But Instapaper’s experience is equal to or even superior to that of its competitors. Its classic newspaper style format gives it a touch of elegance that many love. From the official website we can read all our articles saved in an excellent format, which is perfectly complemented by the applications that exist for Android and iOS .

Pocket and other services to save web content and read it laterAs for Readability , despite being the most recent, it is surely the least known of the three, but it has practically the same functions. It has its veritable strong point in mobile applications for Android and iOS , because its web version leaves much to be desired. Readability displays items in a clear, beautiful, and orderly way, and like Pocket, it’s free.

The popularity of these tools is currently very great. And is that daily we find a lot of interesting digital content, but for whatever reasons we are not able to read. Pocket and other services give users a solution to this everyday problem, and this is why they have succeeded.

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