Nomophobia: how to stop looking at the mobile so much?

Nomophobia: how to stop looking at the mobile so much?

The mobile has become an almost inseparable electronic device , which performs functions similar to a computer, but in our pocket, in addition to calling – a function that some of us forgot was the main one years ago – with the click of an email, WhatsApp , social networks and other applications for leisure or work.

In fact, this phenomenon can end up leading, in the most serious cases, to the need to go to therapy .

Here are some tips to avoid this dependency on mobile:

  1. Put the mobile in «airplane» or «do not disturb» mode

A very good way to disconnect, even if you have your mobile with you, is to put it in “airplane” mode. This way you will not receive any calls or messages, in addition to saving a lot of battery. This can be a good trick to get used to carrying your phone with you, but not constantly looking at it when not hearing the arrival of any notification.

Another option is to put your device in “do not disturb” mode. With this setting you will not receive notifications or calls, but if you take out the phone to look at it, everything that has reached you will appear. In addition, the “do not disturb” mode can be programmed and decide the time you want it to activate.

  1. The mobile, the farther the better

If you are a person who needs to look at the mobile at all times, even if no notification has come, the best thing you can do is not carry it. Tip: leave it at home, in the car, in the desk drawer, give it to someone to keep it for you … Of course, you will need a lot of willpower to do this.

  1. Do not use the mobile during meals

It is very common to eat while looking at the mobile. Be aware of him to see if they call us, send us a message on WhatsApp, comments on Facebook … This behavior, in addition to not letting you enjoy the food, is a lack of respect towards the other people with whom you share the table.

Put it aside! You will discover that you will be able to enjoy a good time with your family, friends, partner … In order not to look at the phone while eating or dining, put it on silent and leave it away from you, so you will be safe from notifications.

  1. Respect  your friends

Being with a friend who does not stop looking at his mobile is a real nuisance. If you want to be on the phone all the time, better stay home. Also, if you have your friend in front to talk, why are you talking to others on the mobile?

To remedy these situations, you could include a rule in your group: leave all mobile phones, in silence, in the same place and do not look at it under any circumstances (except if you receive an urgent call, in that case we let you answer). There are restaurants with a basket in the middle of the table where you can leave all the mobile phones of the diners. The first one who picks up their mobile phone pays … Do you dare to try?

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