New year, new smartphone

New year, new smartphone

We like to surf the Internet, we want to chat with our family, friends and acquaintances, we love taking photos and recording videos, we are entertained by playing games, listening to music, reading e-books … And sometimes we even call on the phone. The revolution brought about by the rise and consolidation of smartphones – smartphones – is changing our habits when communicating with the world.

What we consider today is no longer how much it costs to send SMS, but the price of the Internet data rate. The smartphone , with its advanced technology, has become, for better and for worse, an essential gadget to survive our day to day.

However, when we decide to buy one or renew the one we have, choosing is not an easy task. On the contrary, we will have to choose between a great multitude of options to end up finding the ideal device that fits our tastes and needs. Thus, it is important to be well informed, seek opinions from other users and, above all, be clear about what we want it for.

What do we want the smartphone for ?

In one of our previous articles, where we said that the tablet was an ideal Christmas gift , we already highlighted that one of the most important things when buying one was knowing what use we wanted to give it; the use largely determines the model that we will end up choosing .

New year, new smartphone

For example, if we want a mobile phone basically to chat on WhatsApp with our contacts, enter different social networks, check email or simply call, we may not need a terminal with a large screen. Despite the fact that 5-inch models are being standardized , many people consider them too large in terms of daily operation and, to carry out the tasks described above, a smaller device, which can be used comfortably with just one, may suffice. hand.

If, on the contrary, what we mostly do with our smartphone is taking and viewing photos, playing games, watching Internet videos, etc., we may do better with a larger model, 5 inches, or even more. Currently the trend of brands is to create mobiles with large screens, just check it with the evolution of the Apple iPhone.

This greater dimension of smartphones , along with the popularization of tablets, has led to the birth of another closely related product, which combines the functions of both gadgets: the so-called phablets , terminals between 5 and 7 inches, as we also mentioned. in the last article.

Finally, if what we are looking for is to give a more professional use to our smart mobile, to open work documents, write notes, set meetings on the agenda, etc. surely we will also have to look at large devices of 5 inches or more. Many models of these dimensions can incorporate accessories that increase productivity, such as touch pens. Another option is to go directly to a tablet.

What operating system is suitable?

Do we prefer Android , are we more than iOS or do we bet on Windows Phone ? These three are the operating systems that share the market in Spain, currently. Rather, the last two are left with what Android leaves them, which has 85.9% of the smartphones sold, that is, more than 8 out of 10 smartphones are from the Google operating system. Apple’s iOS stays with 9.7%, while Windows Phone reaches 4.1%.

If we leave the figures aside, each one has its pros and cons. Surely the importance in choosing one operating system or another is the market of applications available in each of them, since the functionality of the new device will largely depend on the possibility of finding tools for each of the tasks that we want to perform. at. In reality, the entire range of our needs is covered by all operating systems, both Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc., although it may be that one in particular is not found in a given system.

What manufacturer do we stay with?

The range of brands that make physical devices is very wide. If we add the different models of smartphones that each manufacturer presents, the brand that sells the most in our country is Samsung . The following is a bit surprising but very positive: BQ, a Spanish company, which is gaining more and more strength in the sector, while Apple later comes with its different iPhones. Later other brands such as Sony, LG or Huawei come; the Chinese are stomping. All of them have an extensive range of models , whether they are high, medium or low range.

Far from figures, the manufacturer of the phone is important for the technical service it offers in the event of experiencing problems. It is recommended to choose brands with certain quality standards and efficient technical service.

What other aspects should we consider?

Apart from what has been said, there are other questions to consider when purchasing a smartphone .

New year, new smartphone– Photo camera: There is a misconception that the quality of a mobile camera is determined by the number of megapixels it has. This is not true, because megapixels indicate the resolution of the image (the more, the larger the magnification of our photos without losing quality). Therefore, we will have to look at the resolution, yes, but also the quality of the sensor or the optics of the lens.

– Internal memory : It is essential that our mobile has good internal memory to be able to store both photos, music and apps of all kinds. If we are one of those who download many things and have a menu full of applications, it is vital that the memory is extensive (there are 16GB, 32GB and even 64GB mobiles); on the other hand, if we only use the terminal to perform basic tasks, with one that has 4GB or 8GB there is more than enough. At the same time, it is valuable that the mobile includes a slot that allows you to expand this memory through a mini SD card .

– RAM memory: RAM memory is the main cause of our phone having good performance or not, as it determines the speed of response of the terminal and the correct operation of applications. Normally the minimum RAM should not drop below 1GB if we want to make sure we can use several applications and tools at the same time.

– Battery : It will determine the autonomy of our terminal. The higher the usage, the faster the battery will drain. Similarly, the device will run out sooner if you have a large screen instead of a smaller one. It is one of the most problematic aspects because the manufacturers have not yet known how to find a long-lasting battery. It is essential that it does not drop below 2,000 mAh. There are also some tricks to reduce energy consumption a little, such as not activating bluetooth or WiFi if they are not needed, manually adjusting the screen brightness or activating the energy saving mode when it is below 20%.

Better free or contract?

Whatever the final chosen one, at the time of purchase we will have doubts about whether it will be cheaper to buy a free mobile (that is, that it does not belong to any operator, with the price determined by the manufacturer) or contract (acquiring the device through our mobile operator, accepting its conditions).

New year, new smartphone

If we choose to buy a free mobile, we will have the freedom to contract the mobile line with any operator, being able to choose from a wide range of options, from traditional to new virtual operators, which offer really interesting rates; the downside is that we will have to pay it all at once. On the other hand, if we choose to buy our terminal through traditional companies, we can pay it in installments and without interest, despite the fact that we will be tied to a permanence contract for a time. It is, therefore, about the preferences and personal situation of each one.

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