MGS Cybersecurity, the perfect solution to combat cyber risks

MGS Cybersecurity, the perfect solution to combat cyber risks

MGS Seguros has recently launched MGS Cybersecurity , a new product to address the current risks that have arisen as a result of the emergence of a new technological era.

In the face of some of the most dangerous and most common situations, such as the hijacking of ransomware information , the theft of confidential phishing information or the programs of absolute control of our computer malware , the MGS Cybersecurity product provides effective solutions that protect us against such threats. .
First of all, the product is aimed at preventing possible cyber attacks. For this, it presents the following three basic guarantees:

  1. Protection service and permanent remote monitoring of computers
    Incorporating the use of artificial intelligence and through permanent supervision by a team of expert cybersecurity professionals.
  2. Periodic technical report on web
    vulnerability Service of vulnerabilities detected by criticality with tips to protect the insured website as much as possible.
  3. Cybersecurity training content
    Offers awareness for the insured and their employees through training materials on digital risk management.

In the event that protection and prevention are not sufficient and a cyber incident occurs, management is attended by specialists to proceed with its resolution as soon as possible. The services of the policy have telephone legal advice to the insured to guide him on the main risks and legal obligations that may arise.

Incident prevention and management guarantees can be complemented by civil liability coverage for personal data leaks , which includes notification costs and inspection costs related to data protection. In addition to the payment of administrative penalties that may occur.

MGS Cybersecurity is a security backup for companies in the use of technology. The fact that cyber risks are controlled and supervised by technical support specialized in cyber risks and hacking techniques, represents facilitating the company greater productivity and efficiency. It also avoids important economic consequences, for example, in terms of data protection , where they can cause important claims for damages for illegitimate use of personal data.

For all the aforementioned, MGS Cybersecurity is a comprehensive solution to possible cybersecurity incidents, since it is not only limited to mere compensation, but also offers a comprehensive service that is essential for managing these risks.

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