MGS App: We analyze all your profits

MGS App: We analyze all your profits

Not so far away is the time when being cautious consisted of going camping with an encyclopedia in three volumes in case time invited Scrabble . Downloading with your luggage the summary edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica or the board game box itself would mark us today as picturesque inhabitants of the past. Where are the dictionary or game box today? In the pocket in the form of a Smartphone or in the bag in the form of a digital tablet.

What may seem like an anecdote ceases to be so when having information, accessing a procedure or communicating with someone becomes a pressing need. It is at that moment when we realize to what extent the Smartphone can be an ally that gets us out of trouble .

The specialized applications are these helpers that will allow us to carry out procedures wherever we are. The sum of communication and access to services through a mobile device has been a winning combination.

For insurance company clients, this access to services, the availability of information, communication with assistance centers, knowing, in short, that your company and your mediator will be there, with you, when you need them is what brings you the App on your mobile.

MGS Seguros has this new way of communication and service with its clients . Its objective is none other than to offer an agile tool that allows the user to manage everything related to their insurance and help them process a part or locate a workshop (or the car itself if we do not remember the parking!) In an efficient and comfortable way. .

The application is available for Android devices and for Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) . Likewise, once downloaded, an iPad mini is raffled each month among MGS Seguros customers who are users of the App, as described on the page , download the new MGS App!

MGS APP - Your Technology BlogMGS App

MGS Seguros has taken a step forward in its commitment to new technologies and has developed its own mobile application, created above all to facilitate comprehensive communication between the client and his personal advisor, the Mediator . Thus, the policyholders of the company will be able to contact their insurance agent from anywhere and at any time, in addition to having access to utilities and services of all kinds.

If we go into the app, available for free for Android and iOS, we will find, as the main page, a circular menu with 6 sections: Private Area, Offices, Follow us, Help, Telephone and Car . Next we will go on to detail the services offered by each of them.

Private zone

This category is reserved exclusively for MGS customers. Through it, the user will be able to see all the information related to the policies they have contracted with the company. In a single click we will see the claims that we have in process, the details of the branch that corresponds to us and also those of our Mediator (with a photograph and their contact details). In this way, MGS offers all its clients the possibility of communicating easily and quickly with their personal advisor.


The Offices section collects all the information about the agencies and branches that MGS has MGS scattered throughout the Spanish territory. This section allows us to search the data of any MGS office or locate the closest one to us on a map, with indications on the fastest way to get there. In addition, it will give us the possibility of saving in ” Favorites ” all the data of our head agency, to always have them within reach of a click.

Follow us

This section gives us access to MGS social networks and blogs . In the list we will find, therefore, the blogs “Committed to your life”, which offers content of interest related to insurance, and “Your Technology Blog”, the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube profiles of the insurance company, and the directory of Companies “”, which allows users to find the tab of multiple businesses according to their specialty and geographic scope and request a quote for their services.


It is a section to resolve all doubts and frequently asked questions that we can ask ourselves about the world of insurance. In addition, it contains a dictionary to clarify those terms of the insurance world that are not familiar to us.


Here we will be able to find a list of all MGS assistance telephones through which we can contact the insurer and its multiple services in the event of any emergency or eventuality that we may suffer.


MGS APP Car Utilities- Your Tech BlogWe could say that it is the strongest point of this application. MGS APP contains a wide menu of services related to the automobile , which will allow us to carry out a wide variety of procedures and procedures. Among the most outstanding, we can highlight the following:

  • Request a crane : If we have any mishap with our car, the application will geolocate our position so that we can tell the helpdesk where we are exactly and, thus, reduce the waiting time.
  • Declare a claim : We can give the complete part of a claim in an agile and simple way, always from the application. The tool will geolocate the place of the incident and then we can describe what has happened, add photos of the event and indicate the damaged parts, both of our vehicle and of the opposite. Finally, the application will generate the part in a PDF document that we can save on our device.
  • Locate the glass and sheet metal and paint workshops of the MGS network that we have closest. Through a map we will be able to know the location of the nearest workshop so as not to waste time, as well as directions on how to contact and how to get there. As in the Offices section, we can search for the one that interests us most and save it to Favorites for future incidents.
  • Set alerts of various types. The last section is also interesting because in it we can configure alerts while driving that warn us about the time to stop to rest (useful on long trips) and maintenance alerts (to easily remember our appointment with the workshop or with the ITV) . In addition, we will also have access to a car locator and a parking meter notice, for when we leave the car parked in a different place than usual.

Currently, MGS, on its Facebook page, raffles an iPad Mini every month ; To participate, we will have to enter the code that we will receive in this section of the app on the entity’s Facebook page.

In short, MGS APP is a very good application that fulfills the objective for which it was created: to make your day-to-day more comfortable and to take a further step in communication between the company and its customers , a path that allows us to go through consolidation. of social, mobile and connected networks and advances in devices.

MGS Android App

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