MGS App: a review of its newest utilities

MGS App: a review of its newest utilities

The mobile applications have become an ally in our daily lives as we allow to be constantly updated and access products and services 24 hours with one click. MGS Seguros is very clear about this and for this reason, with the aim of offering an agile and fast way of communication to its clients and facilitating any procedure related to their insurance, in mid-2015 it developed the MGS App .

Initially, the MGS application made available to its clients a series of functionalities that we already discussed in an article on this blog , such as access to all the information related to MGS Seguros’ assistance services , communication with their mediator or branch , the resolution of doubts and frequently asked questions or the location of the nearest MGS office .

However, during these two years, and in line with its desire for continuous improvement, MGS has expanded and improved the services offered to its customers through the app, creating a new version of it that is now available for Android smartphones and tablets. and iOS.

All this has led to the MGS App being chosen this year as the best mobile application in the insurance sector , according to the  Internet Presence Ranking of Insurance Companies , after having repeatedly held leading positions in this classification.

The ranking is carried out annually by the Insurance Innovation portal and analyzes various parameters of the online strategy of companies in the Spanish insurance sector: their websites, apps, blogs, online sales and social networks.

In the applications section, which assesses the number of insurers that have a mobile application as well as the quality and utilities that they offer, MGS App has obtained the best results thanks to its multiple functionalities. Below we review the most outstanding and the improvements that have been introduced.

MGS App Utilities

To start using the MGS Seguros App we just have to download it, completely free of charge, in the Play Store or Apple Store . The first thing that we will find when entering is a home page with a circular menu divided into 7 sections : Private Area, Offices, Car, Health, Telephone, Help and Follow us.

Private zone

This section is reserved for MGS clients, since it contains all the information related to the policies that the client has contracted : the insurance registration date, the end date, as well as the bank account from which it is made. the pay. In addition, for convenience, policies can be downloaded in pdf format .

One of the improvements that have been introduced in the new version is that the client can change himself , without having to go through the branch, the direct debit account of his policy .

The client can also consult the data related to his branch as well as that of his mediator , with whom he can contact directly through a telephone number. Finally, the current claims will also appear , in the event that there are any, thus facilitating access to any type of information.


This section gathers all the information related to the agencies and branches that MGS Seguros has distributed around the entire national territory. Thus, the geolocation of the mobile will allow the client to know which one is closest to them and will be able to save in the favorites section the data of their agency or main branch.


The Auto category is the one that offers the most features to users, since it allows for a wide variety of procedures and procedures such as:

  • Declare a claim: the tool is very useful in these situations, which often involve nervousness, which leads to difficulty in carrying out the procedures. With the MGS App we can report an accident automatically. The application will be in charge of geolocating the place of the accident and we will be able to describe what has happened and even attach photographs. Finally, the application will generate the part in a PDF document that we can save on our device and that will be sent to the insurer for processing.
  • Request a crane: in this case the application will also geolocate our position and we will be able to request a crane much faster and easier . In addition, the option has been introduced for MGS to be in contact with the client using the “we will call you” button .
  • Locate workshops: this category allows you to locate the closest workshops, both glass, sheet metal and paint, to save time. In addition, it allows us to save the one that interests us most.
  • Set alerts: this possibility is also interesting, since we can configure alerts, both driving (for example, every 2 hours to rest on long trips) and maintenance, and the application will take care of notifying us.
  • Where I have left my car: the MGS Seguros app also offers a car locator and a parking meter warning , for when we leave the car parked in a different place than usual.

Finally, in the Auto section, three new functionalities have been introduced that aim to finish offering the customer a complete service:

  • Fuel savings: this section allows you to know the location of the gas stations closest to where we are and also their prices, so that the customer can choose the one that best suits them at all times.
  • Travel: in this novelty, the customer can notify the application when a trip starts and when it ends and the tool will provide information on the distance traveled, the fuel consumed and the journey time .
  • How to act in the event of an accident: in this last section, the client has clear and precise information on how to act in the event of an accident.


The initial version of the MGS app did not have this section, which has been included in subsequent versions, confirming its great usefulness. The main advantage it offers is that clients can consult the medical chart of the professionals (both doctors and dentists) and the clinics that MGS offers with their health insurance.

In addition, the client will be able to configure medication alerts in the event that they need them and the application will take care of reminding them at the time it has been determined.


In this space, the app makes available to customers a list of all MGS assistance phones through which we can contact the insurer and report any emergency or need.

New features have also been introduced in this section, such as the option “we will call you” in the sections on home assistance and travel assistance or in case we need to request a crane or a glass workshop.


This category is intended as a space for solving the doubts and frequently asked questions that MGS customers may ask. Thus, it contains different sections in which interesting information is made available to the user and several customer service telephones.

This section also has a dictionary that contains the most recurring terms in the insurance world in order to clarify any doubts in this regard.

Follow us

This category includes the corporate and associate blogs of MGS Seguros as well as their social networks . In the blog section we find “Committed to your life”, the corporate space for publishing topics related to the world of insurance and this blog “Your technology blog”, where articles referring to the technological and information 2.0 world are published.

As for social networks, you can directly access the insurance company’s Facebook , Twitter and YouTube profiles .

Finally, in this section we can find a link to the MGS initiative ”” , a business directory that allows users to find the file of multiple businesses according to their specialty and geographical area and request a quote for their services.

MGS Auto Guardian ® , accident alert system

The MGS app has also become the gateway to Auto Guardián® , the new technology for detecting accidents and automatic calling for roadside assistance , which the insurer has developed and offers free of charge to its customers who have Auto insurance.

And MGS does not stop here, it continues to work to improve and include services to its application with the aim of making the relationship between the insurer and its clients more comfortable and dynamic.

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