Learn English in the office

Learn English in the office

As you already know, all of us who are part of the Cyberclick team work day by day to be the happiest company in the world . And to be, it is first necessary to find and define those things that will make us happier, since otherwise we would never achieve our goal. It is for this reason that, at the beginning of each quarter, the entire team met and discussed our expectations and goals for the next three months and what we can do to improve compared to the previous months.

At the last quarterly meetings, there was a theme that was recurring among all of us: one of the things that would help us to be happier is being able to spend time improving our skills with foreign languages , and especially English. A goal, a priori personal, but that became collective and that we have been working on in the last few quarters.

After trying different methods (academies, group classes, etc.) we decided that it was time to go further. The decision was to incorporate a native person with whom we had to interact in English. In other words, integrating English “in the house”, having contact with the language throughout our daily routine.

And so came Kelly , a young American with a degree in International Business, who helps us with the generation of content in this language and teaches us (individual and group) English.

This is the chronicle of his arrival:

“When you arrive in a completely different country from yours, you have two options, maintain your own lifestyle or adapt to the customs of the local population. When I moved to Barcelona I chose both, and little by little I have created a mixed lifestyle. This American / Spanish lifestyle is easily carried over to the workplace. From the languages ​​I speak at lunchtime to my culture and experiences have transformed me into an international-minded person, intrigued by the differences in the world.

The methodology I have used to conduct classes and improve English levels in the workplace is based on my own experiences of learning the Spanish language. During my two years studying Spanish in and out of class, I learned that the only way to become fluent was to integrate the new language in all aspects of my life. This idea is the fundamental basis for how I interact in the workplace and how I prepare for classes. From continually repeating the <word of the day> and simple conversations over coffee, to group discussions and debates on a wide variety of topics; Everything I do in the workplace is meant to improve fluency in English to increase business possibilities.

I hope we can all make the most of this great experience Cyberclick has brought us. ”


– Why does a retreat make us happier?

Diary of a Millennial - David Tomás

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