Learn about the MGS Cybersecurity update

Learn about the MGS Cybersecurity update

In 2019 we launched our MGS Cybersecurity product on the market , and we told you about its characteristics in this article. Now, after a year of excellent commercial reception, the product is renewed by launching a new version to offer extra protection to MGS customers and expand its already excellent competitiveness.

Thus, the new version of the product offers comprehensive protection against the main cyber risks that SMEs and freelancers may face , whether caused by external attacks or by the negligence of employees, and which may report financial losses, third-party claims, sanctions or reputational crises.

The updated product has first-class basic coverage that provides the services of the best specialists in the event of a cybersecurity incident and provides the client with digital content that contributes to improving the company’s cybersecurity awareness. Likewise, all computers can be protected and monitored , and possible vulnerabilities can be identified. At a second level, the product includes optional covers that reduce the economic impact in the event of a cybersecurity incident carried out by a third party.

Albert Solé, customer manager of the Barcelona Diagonal branch of MGS Seguros and specialist in the new MGS Cybersecurity, gives us the following keys about this new version of the product:

“With the improvements in the product, we can reaffirm that we have an innovative and totally differentiating solution in the market. The main difference is that not only do we protect, as we have been doing, but we also cover our clients from the possible damages caused by an attack on their computer systems. We now offer a comprehensive contingency plan to our clients: we accompany them before, during and after the possible attack. Our solution is the necessary complement to the trustworthy computer specialist that you already have today.

With MGS Cybersecurity, we offer the services of two leaders in the sector, such as Ackcent Cybersecurity and AIG, to a small and medium-sized business and professional office, in a packaged solution at a very competitive price.

    Albert Solé

Personally, I believe that this complement to the product that we were already offering, without waiting or wanting it, arrives at the right time. The boom that we are experiencing in cybercrime, derived from the current crisis suffered by a large number of companies, generates, and will continue to do so, greater awareness of this risk. Without a doubt, more and more companies, regardless of their size, will feel the need to invest in Cybersecurity.

We are still a bit far, but in the not too distant future, companies will not consider not being covered by cybersecurity or hiring a cybersecurity service. Without a doubt, cybersecurity will continue to gain a lot of strength and grow exponentially. From my point of view I think it will become a fixed in the budget of companies, which is already fixed today in large corporations, “says Solé.

With the improvements incorporated, MGS Cybersecurity is consolidated as an unbeatable insurance solution to address the protection of professionals and companies against the increasingly frequent attacks on their computers and computer systems, with a wide range of guarantees and hiring options that place it at the top of current market offerings.

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