New General Data Protection Regulation: the importance of protecting your personal information online

the importance of protecting your personal information online

Surely in recent weeks, you have not stopped hearing about the importance of personal data protection. And, as you surely know, on May 25, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in all the countries of the European Union, a Community regulation that widely develops current Spanish legislation on the subject. data protection.

This new regulation, which supposes a greater commitment on the part of all the people, companies and organizations that, within the EU, treat personal data, introduces new obligations for those responsible for data processing and new rights for users, providing special attention to their consent to the use of their data.

Personal information on the net

The use of personal information, both own and third parties, is a common practice in many social relationships: registration, contracts … And it is even more so in the online world, as we carry out many activities on the network that involve the transfer of personal data: everything we buy and contract online and what we share daily on social networkswebsites, forums, and blogs … After all, publications with information, photos, videos and audios that, in addition to our own information, can reach affect a third party who sometimes cannot have given your consent for it to be used.

Disseminating data of third parties on the network without their consent, even if we do not do so with malicious intent, can have legal consequences, so we must be aware of the importance of good data treatment.

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection

To inform about this topic and raise awareness among the population about the effects that their Internet activity can generate, the Spanish Data Protection Agency has prepared a text that includes those behaviors in which the use of personal information through Internet services it can represent the commission of a crime. The document Data Protection and Crime Prevention include crimes such as the discovery and disclosure of secretsthreats , coercion, harassment, slander and insults, gender violence, crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity, identity theft, hate crimes, scams or computer damage.

In addition to describing the different forms that these crimes can present, the document includes two specific headings with aspects that must be taken into account about ” How to avoid committing crimes ” and ” Tips to avoid being a victim of them “. Likewise, various materials are collected with information for safe browsing and guaranteeing the exercise of rights in relation to personal information, as well as different resources to which victims of crime or a violation of data protection regulations can go to obtain information or file a complaint.

The manual is complemented by  iez flashcards in defining behaviors such as, among others, sextinggrooming or cyberbullying and provide information on their consequences, as well as tips for what to do in these situations.

In addition to this document, and considering the increasing use that children and young people make of the Internet, the AEPD has also presented two guides: Be legal on the internet, aimed at young people and Teach them to be legal on the internet, for families, teachers and people close to the minor, which provide useful guidelines and guidelines in order to prevent minors from committing crimes or favoring their commission by third parties without being aware of it.

We cannot ignore that the evolution of new technologies and the intensive use of mobile devices, social networks, and instant messaging have undoubted advantages for their users, but they have also served as a channel for the proliferation of behaviors that can not only suppose an infringement of the data protection regulations, but also the commission of a crime, sometimes even without the author becoming aware of it, so it is advisable to be more careful than ever.

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