How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the return

How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the return

Although it may not seem like it, there is a day when the holidays come to an end. The trip is over and we return home, where we will have to organize ourselves again, unpack our bags, return to the usual day-to-day … but there is another task that we will have to do: organize our digital life . It will be time to empty the memory card of the camera, mobile or tablet and think about how to see and how to share all the photographs we have taken during the trip.

There are different approaches when determining what we do with the photographs taken. The first approach would be to share the images privately with friends and family; In this case, we will use specific tools, such as cloud storage services. The second approach would be to share them on the social networks we use. Finally, a third option is to print these photos, that is, make a digital album . In this article we will talk about these three different approaches that, in turn, are complementary.

Sharing photos privately

The main advantage of cloud storage services is the possibility of accessing files and documents from any computer with an Internet connection, but there are also others, such as being able to do without having innumerable copies on various computers or, also, that for send or share photos there is no capacity limit. One of the most used tools of this style is Dropbox .

How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the returnThe first thing we will have to do, once inside Dropbox , is create a new folder and give it a name. Once this is done, we can save all the content we want through the ” Upload ” icon and, when all the images are stored, just click on the ” Share this folder ” icon , where we will have to put the email of the interested people. Recipients will receive an email inviting them to enter the folder and, consequently, view and save the content in it. Of course, they must have Dropbox installed.

To have Dropbox you just have to go to their website and register. The tool has a mobile application, both for Android and iOS , to be able to enter it from any device.

Another prominent cloud storage service is Google Drive . In this link you can read the detailed instructions to share items from Google Drive with another person.

Share photos on social networks

Social networks are a good place to post images of our vacations; Of course, as long as we want to be seen by the people we have as “friends” who, let’s not kid ourselves, often do not go beyond the category of “acquaintances”.

In Facebook we can easily create a photo album and upload all the images we want. Mark Zuckerberg’s network allows up to 1,000 photos to be uploaded per album. In shared images we can tag people and add information such as date or location.

How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the return

Another ideal social network to hang photo albums is Google Plus . The Google network allows you to upload up to 2,000 photos per album. When we hang a photo we can define which circle of friends can see it.

But if there is an ideal social network to hang photos, this is Flickr , a platform created expressly for this purpose. Flickr is the social network most used by professional photographers , since it allows you to share images in full size and add up to 1 Tb (1,000 gigabytes). In the article of this same blog entitled ” Essential applications to edit and share photographs ” we already talked about this specialized social network: .

Make a digital album

A very popular idea in recent years is to make, with all the photographs of the trip, a digital album -also called a photobook- . One of the best options is to use the Hofmann Digital Album program . At Hofmann they started by offering the service of making photo albums, but today they also allow the creation of calendars, mugs, pictures, etc.

How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the return

Hofmann is an application to generate photo albums automatically or manually and then order your printing. To make a photo album we will have to download the program from its website . When we have it installed, we will have to enter, select New Project and choose one of the options that they offer us. Once the project is created, we can select the photos we want from our computer and, in addition, Hofmann will provide us with page templates, backgrounds, frames, etc. to personalize the photobook to our liking.

Once finished we will only have to place the order (the price depends on the number of pages of the album), which we will receive a few days later at the postal address that we have predetermined.

An alternative to Hofmann is the Fotoprix chain , which offers all kinds of printing products with development in different finishes, photo magazines and photo books. To make an album we will have to download the Fotoprix Fotolibro program , with which we can design, as with Hofmann, our personalized photo album.

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