How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the realization

How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the realization

In the first part of this article we have seen how new technologies currently help us enormously when planning a good vacation . Nowadays, preparing a trip from home is more and more common, since on the Internet we can find all the possible resources: from booking flights and accommodation to information of all kinds about the destination.

In that first text we talked about 3 different periods: planning, carrying out and returning from vacation, and we focused on the first step, preparation (all that it entails and how new technologies can help us). In this article we will talk about the next step: the realization of the holidays.

The realization


When we are on vacation and we want to drive from one place to another or we want to visit a city that we have never been to, it seems essential to have a good map to guide us. Thanks to the GPS systems incorporated in mobile devices and the possibility of geolocating them, physical maps have practically gone down in history.

Currently, the most comfortable thing is to have the map on your mobile or tablet. And what is the quintessential mapping service? Yes, Google Maps . The maps of the technological giant are the most used and they are for a reason. Its application can “save our lives” on more than one occasion: it will tell us where we are (it will geolocate us) and it will offer us all kinds of instructions to get to the destination we want to go to. It will offer us the best route , whether by car, public transport or on foot, and it will even tell us, in many cities around the world, what buses or subways to take to get from one point to another, and at what time to do it.

How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the realization

If we are not very fans of Google, another interesting application is City Maps 2Go (for Android and iOS ) that, as the main attraction, allows us to download interactive maps and consult them without having to have an Internet connection. If we use it online, it also makes it easier for us to know our exact position on the map and to search for nearby places.


During the trip there are certain essential applications or services, such as maps … and guides . If we do not know the destination, it is almost an obligation to have a good guide that tells us the best places, both to visit, to eat or even sleep. Unlike maps, physical guides continue to be well received today; however, new technologies also provide us, in this area, with great and useful resources.

How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the realization

The star application (which also exists on the website) is, without a doubt, Tripadvisor , which searches for us and indicates interesting things to do or visit around us, be they restaurants, bars or places of interest, ordered by price, opinions and many other interesting filters . Users, in addition to being able to post comments, can also post images and videos, so that we have a greater appreciation of where we are going.

Users, apart from commenting on the site in question, can also post images and videos, so that we have a greater appreciation of where we are going.

On the other hand, a different style of guides are blogs and specialized travel websites . On the Internet we can find thousands of sites of people who write or have written about our vacation destination, all you need to do is put it in the search engine so that a lot of valid options will appear quickly.

Wi-fi search

Being connected to the Internet is essential to use the applications and carry out all kinds of searches. How to pay a data rate abroad can be, if we are not careful, more expensive than the entire trip (you can read the article on tips and advice to avoid roaming : ), The most recommended and simple thing is to look for places with open Wi-fi , in order to connect to the Internet through it.

There are currently a couple of very effective applications: Free Zone Wi-fi and Wi-fi Finder . Both allow us to find Wi-fi networks open and available anywhere in the world (there are more than 7 million today). Also, if we configure it, it automatically connects us to the nearest one. Both Free Zone and Wi-fi Finder are free and available for Android and iOS .

Take pictures

What would be a trip without taking photographs to immortalize the moment! Photos are as or more important than guides or maps, as they allow a trip or vacation to be perpetuated over time.

How to enjoy a good holiday thanks to the Internet: the realization

In recent years there has been a boom in the photographic market thanks to the popularization of Reflex Digital cameras, but also thanks to the consolidation in the smartphone market . Large companies present increasingly sophisticated mobiles with more powerful cameras , so many people choose to take their photos with their terminal.

There are many free photography applications and tools available, from the well-known Instagram , to others of great quality such as Snapseed or Pixlr Express. They are very easy to use when we travel and it makes it unnecessary to carry a camera with us at all times. In Your Technology Blog we have an article where we delve into this topic: “Essential applications for editing and sharing photographs”: .

As you can see, thanks to the Internet and new technologies, today we can enjoy a fantastic vacation. Remember that in the following article we will provide you with useful information for when you return from the trip. For now … enjoy your vacation!

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