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How Can A Smartphone Application Help You Build A Taxi Empire?

Businesses are coming up with a customer-centric approach. Long gone are the days when people waited for taxis. The makers of the modern world have identified a way to eliminate taxis wandering around and passengers waiting for services. An online platform, leveraging the supply-demand principle, can make lives more comfortable and simplified. This successful model, commonly known as the on-demand model, rose to the occasion with Uber’s success.


Taxi apps are becoming an integral part of human lives. Apps like Uber, Lyft, Grab, etc., are surging both in popularity and revenue. Are you an entrepreneur eyeing to make your presence in the flourishing on-demand taxi industry? Or are you a cab agency owner looking into the prospects of taking your business online? This blog caters to your needs by providing insights into building a taxi empire with a Grab taxi clone app.


How does a taxi platform work? 

Before setting foot into development, it is wise to know the workflow of an on-demand taxi app.


  • Users register with the app and search for cabs in the vicinity, after entering their pickup and drop details.
  • Similarly, drivers register with the app. After verification, they can switch on their availability toggle to receive user requests.
  • The app displays the fare and estimated drop time of different types of vehicles for users to decide.
  • Users select their most desired vehicle type, and the drivers receive user requests in a jiffy.
  • Once the drivers accept the requests, users get their ride details, including vehicle number, driver name, contact details, etc.
  • Drivers arrive at the exact location of users on or before the estimated time of arrival.
  • After commencing the ride, users pay via a multitude of payment gateways, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc.
  • Both parties share their experience in the form of ratings and reviews.


Why should a taxi business have a smartphone application? 

Establishing an online taxi platform can have a massive impact on your taxi business, boosting your visibility and growth. Some of the reasons for investing in a smartphone application include,


  • The platform bridges the gap between riders and drivers, enhancing customer convenience significantly.
  • Users get to know the exact fare, time, etc. and choose their best-suited mode of transport.
  • A cab agency owner needn’t take up user requests and transfer it to drivers. The software makes the process more productive and failproof.
  • Users get to enjoy maximum comfort, laying the foundation for a successful business.
  • Errors and inconvenience are almost non-existent with an online taxi platform. What more to ask when the entire system works on a perfect balance?

These are among the many reasons to initiate your Grab clone app development.


How can I survive in the market? 

While initiating app development is the primary step to success, it takes many more steps to sustain and be successful in the neck-to-neck competition. However, there’s one factor that can make your taxi platform successful – uniqueness. The more unique your app, the higher are the user engagement rates.


You cannot expect people to switch from other apps to your app unless you provide them an enhanced and enriched advantage. Some of the ways of instilling uniqueness include,


  • Stand-apart features
  • Intuitive app design
  • The latest tech-stack
  • App’s functionality, etc.


Since features have a direct impact on user experience, we’ll look at some of the stand-apart features worth considering in your taxi app.


Stand-apart features of the taxi app: 

  • In-app chat/call: The platform provides a seamless communication flow between riders and drivers, enabling them to resolve queries/doubts.
  • Favorite drivers: Users can favorite drivers who offer best-in-class services. This way, they get to request services from these drivers if they are available to provide rides.
  • In-app wallet: Users can add money to their in-built wallet and pay for their taxi rides with just a few taps. The wallet eliminates the need for cash or account details.
  • Multi-lingual support system: Users can access the app in the language of their preference. This way, your app can gain a stronghold of regional users and still establish a global presence.
  • Split payment: Users traveling with their friends or family can split fares, making the rides more economical.
  • Multiple destinations: Users get to add stops during the route, enabling them to travel to various destinations.


Does one need to consider COVID-19 safety features? 

With COVID-19 changing the taxi dynamics substantially, it is high time that entrepreneurs make necessary modifications to gain customers’ trust. Some of the prominent COVID-19 safety add-ons include,


  • Restricting passenger count: You can limit the number of passengers taking the taxi rides, thereby safeguarding the entire community from virus contractions.
  • Go online checklist: Ensure that both drivers and passengers abide by the community guidelines before providing/availing rides. A ‘go online’ checklist, wherein both parties need to answer a questionnaire on COVID-19 related symptoms, can come in handy.
  • Safety ratings and reviews: Users and drivers can rate and review each other for safety standards. You can remove any person from the community who is falling below the threshold quality standard.
  • Face mask & glove recognition software: Drivers and riders must equip themselves with face masks and gloves. You can incorporate a recognition software, wherein the system detects whether the person is wearing gloves and masks.


These simple yet effective add-ons can draw user attention towards your taxi platform. Make sure you integrate these features into your Grab clone script.


What are the things to consider before developing a taxi app? 

A successful taxi app involves the cooperation and coexistence of multiple hands, including entrepreneurs, developers, marketing experts, etc. The things to consider before developing an online taxi platform include,


  • Analyze your needs and equip yourselves with resources to eliminate hurdles down the way.
  • Opt for a simple and informative app design rather than a complex one.
  • Ensure that your app stays unique and can draw user attention in no time.
  • Work of the app’s navigation to enhance the user experience.
  • Have a dedicated team of experts who can assist in making your Grab clone app a success.


Wrapping up, 

Building a taxi empire involves adapting to people’s needs by being available at the right time and the right place. A taxi app can help you maintain productivity and regulate operations more efficiently. Unique features can make your app attractive and reliable among the audience. Ensure that you integrate COVID-19 features in your taxi app.


Reach out to an app development company, tell them your needs, and launch your taxi app right away!


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