Happy Holidays with #ChristmasatCyberclick and Prospero 2018!

Happy Holidays with Christmasat Cyberclick and Prospero 2018!

As every year, all the Cyberclick team we want to congratulate you on the holidays and that the passage to the year 2018 is prosperous and successful .

Happy Holidays with Christmas at Cyberclick and Happy 2018


Surely you have already celebrated it with your coworkers and you have made some dinner or company lunch to de-stress and have a good time together.

We had a great time at Christmas dinner and the final culmination was the moment of the invisible friend. The thank you was that we sent tracks the previous days, to guess the last day who had touched us.

We made a round to get it right. If you did not guess, then you missed the turn and you had to wait for it to touch you again, hit the target and thus receive your gift. The important thing was not the material detail (which were all very nice), but the fun and laughter that we stuck trying.


The happiest company in the world

We consider ourselves the happiest company in the world, not because we believe that we are the best, but because we are a happy team.

Any company can become a source of happiness. She only has to work in that way and start with the 2 main ingredients to be herself the happiest company in the world:

  • Putting people ahead , then on their own the good results will come because people will work at ease if they feel supported and understood.
  • Trust in all directions . When you trust people, that they will take responsibility for their goals, their abilities, that they will help you when you need it, it is when everything really flows and people feel valued.

We encourage you to go that route and that going to work every Monday is inspiring .

After these tips on business culture and happiness, we can only wish you wonderful holidays and invite you to see how we celebrate it.


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