Guide to buy your next mobile

Guide to buy your next mobile

Christmas is coming and, with it, one of the hardest times of the year for our pocket. The volume of sales of electronic products is increasing and, among them, mobile phones or smartphones stand out.

These dates are full of special offers and discounts such as Black Friday, a day that is gaining more weight and sales volume with each passing year. But do not let them fool us, even if we see that the mobile phone that we have been admiring for months is on sale, we must stop and ask ourselves: can we afford this purchase? Does this product fit our needs? Is what we are seeing really an offer?

How much can I afford to spend on my new mobile?

One of the most basic aspects to consider is whether our pocket can take on the device that we are going to buy. Although the model that interests us can give us a good service and has great characteristics, quality of materials, it is beautiful … It will surely also be more expensive than other models. To avoid surprises and not suffer from reaching the end of the month, we must establish a budget prior to the purchase and stick to it.

What are my needs?

It is necessary to be clear what use we are going to give to any device that we buy, especially in the mobile phone market, where the number of manufacturers and models increases frantically year after year. A correct analysis of our needs is vital to avoid overspending on a phone that “will fit us”.
We have to know what type of user we are, since this determines how much we are going to squeeze our mobile. If we’re just going to use messaging apps, watch social media, and do some Internet browsing, an entry-level phone will be more than enough for us. If we are going to consume series, movies and play games, we will want it to have greater graphic capacity and screen definition. If we are going to work with the device for many hours we will need a fairly large and comfortable screen to operate (even an extra accessory, such as a stylus).

Does this mobile fit my needs?

In accordance with the previous point, we must assess whether the mobile we are interested in is going to be able to meet these needs. The easiest thing is to search the manufacturer’s website for the data sheet, but the truth is that navigating the torrent of data they throw can be overwhelming.
Fortunately, there are a multitude of specialized technology websites and blogs such as Xataka or GSM Arena on mobile phones, which are dedicated to constantly reviewing the models that appear on the market in a clear and concise way, for all audiences. Leaning on them, we can inform ourselves before making a decision on which phone we are going to buy.

What updates and support will I have?

Computer security is the order of the day, with new threats constantly appearing. If we know its importance when it comes to computers, why is it not always taken into account in mobile phones, which receive much more daily use?
Unfortunately, not all phone manufacturers take equal care of their devices. While the standard in the market is to offer two years of support and updates, the most basic models usually stop receiving functionalities and security patches well before that date. However, on the flip side of the coin, we can find manufacturers that extend that period up to three years or even more.
Informing us of the manufacturer’s update policy before making the purchase, therefore, is an important point (and often forgotten) to take into account in the purchase process, since it will have a large impact on the obsolescence of our new mobile.

Is the price I’m seeing a good deal?

More than half of people in Spain buy online, and the trend is only increasing. The large stores and the giants of online commerce do not stop announcing periods of offers and discounts, however, we must be careful. Are these offers real or is there a cat locked up?
A popularized tactic in some stores is to inflate the prices of the items before a period of offers so that, once the discount is applied, they continue to sell them for the same initial amount, even if they are technically discounted.
It is convenient to control the price of the articles that interest us, so that when the time comes we can discern between authentic or false offers. Luckily, there are websites specialized in tracking prices for electronic commerce giants; In them we can consult the historical prices of many items, where we can see if the price that is announced today as an offer is really. Some of them are Keepa or CamelCamelCamel .

In short, we have seen that buying a new mobile phone should not be a great challenge. We can face it with confidence and a clear conscience, knowing that we have chosen a good option as long as we have correctly analyzed our needs and possibilities , we have ensured that they will be covered and we have evaluated multiple purchase options, in different stores.

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