Get closer to yours thanks to these video call 'apps'

Get closer to yours thanks to these video call ‘apps’

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We know that, now more than ever, communication with our loved ones is important. We are far from friends and family, but technology brings us together. Whether it is to entertain ourselves, have work meetings, perform physical exercise in a group, and even, thanks to the work of the health personnel , make it possible for family and patients to speak and see each other through the screen.

Next, we leave you some applications with which to spend good times with the people who make our daily life better:


No one doubts its popularity, few people in your circle will know that they do without WhatsApp, so you can make video calls with almost anyone. To start you just have to enter any chat and hit the camera that appears in the upper right. Once it starts, in that same position, you will have the possibility to invite another contact. The negative part is that WhatsApp has a limit of 4 users, something short for large virtual meetings. You can download it (if you don’t already have it) for iOS and Android.



Unlike Whatsapp, Zoom allows us to make group video calls of up to 100 users in its free version, limited to 40 minutes in length. Designed for the business environment, it has made the leap as an alternative to other apps due to its ease of use, becoming popular among the most downloaded applications in this area. Some problems detected in their security systems have questioned this popular application. It seems they are working hard to fix it. Like Whatsapp, you can find it on iOS and Android.



Houseparty is being the great revelation and one of the maximum beneficiaries of the confinement. It allows you to make direct video calls or create ‘rooms’, private rooms in which you can speak to which guests you want can join when they can. The difference is that in these rooms you can play with your companions: games like Pictionary or Trivial … Group fun for times of confinement. It is available for both iOS and Android.



Surely the world’s best-known video call app. It allows to make this type of connections with up to 50 participants, without time limit. It is available for both PC and mobile on iOS and Android.




This  cross-platform messaging app developed by Google was created to replace the Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Google+ Hangouts services, unifying all these services in a single application. Up to  25 people can participate in a video call without time limitation. A few days ago we learned that soon the app will change its name. If you have a Gmail, you can install it on iOS and Android, in addition to using it on PC.


As always, we advise you to keep the apps updated in their latest version to enjoy improvements and increase their security. Enjoy them!

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