Thanks to the Internet, excuses to learn English are over

Excuses to Learn English are Over

Over the years, English has become the language par excellence, whether it is to establish higher-level business relationships or to carry out trivial conversations with someone from outside. It is for this reason that knowing English, or at least having basic notions to defend yourself a little, seems increasingly necessary. In addition, it is always good for our professional curriculum to accredit a good level in this language, which is why it has become a primary objective for an important part of the population of our country.

There are many ways to learn English : sign up for an academy, pay for private lessons, go abroad and practice it on-site … Among the options, however, the cheapest and most comfortable is, surely, to sign up for English courses online , since we only need a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet … and the desire to learn.

On the net, the number of courses to learn English is increasing. There are a set of websites that offer the user a large number of tools to improve their level (games, user forums where they can share our knowledge and be helped, exercises of all kinds, etc.). In this article we will highlight some of the most successful websites among Internet users.

Your Technology Blog - learn English online Duolingo : Completely free and one of the most popular programs. All you have to do is go to their website ( ) and download the application , either for your computer or for mobiles ( iOS and Android ); Just recently, it received the award for the best iPhone application of the year.

Duolingo takes you step by step to learn the language of your choice, learning grammar and gradually increasing your vocabulary. Show corrections when you make mistakes and encourage to go back to basics from time to time to consolidate knowledge.

According to the organizers of the website, with about 100 hours of use we would be acquiring an intermediate level in the desired language. In addition, it incorporates a “game” component, as you advance when completing units, lose lives for incorrect answers, earn points, etc.

– Course-English : Its website ( ) is very explanatory: in it you will find 3 categories: basic, intermediate and advanced level; each of them is made up of different lessons and tests, with a large number of exercises to do, all of them for free . No need to register anywhere. In addition, other sections stand out, such as its list of songs in English, where you can learn the language by analyzing the lyrics of well-known songs.

Your Technology Blog - learn English online

– Babbel : With courses adapted to the level of each user, Babbel ( ) is already a classic on the Internet, since it is one of the most veteran platforms. Up to 12 languages (including English ) can be learned . However, it combines free content with payment, since they do not charge for courses for the uninitiated but do for the most advanced. Check the prices on their website .

It has a voice recognition system with which you can Your Technology Blog - learn English online train your pronunciation, but its main asset is its excellent applications for mobile devices (both iOS and Android ), very complete, to continue learning from anywhere.

– Exam English : This website is used to take official exams , from TOEFL tests to the famous international exams KET, PET, FCE (“First”) or CAE (“Advanced”). It is ideal if you want to prepare for one of these official titles. The website has multiple model exams to practice and thus not find surprises on the day of the actual test. You will be able to check your level in all aspects (reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary and writing).

Exam English ( ) offers you, at the outset, a level test to find out yours. From there, you can go practicing with the exams that best suit you. And all this, for free .

Your Technology Blog - learn English online

These are just some of the many options that exist on the Internet. If you search more online, you will soon see that the number of resources for learning English online is almost unlimited. Therefore, the only essential thing is some time and the desire to learn. From here we encourage you to try it.

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