Essential applications to edit and share photos

Essential applications to edit and share photos

Taking photos is one of the main actions we take with our mobile devices, and every time also with tablets. Pushed by the high quality of the lenses built into the latest terminals, people like to take advantage of the camera. For this reason, there are many free photography tools and applications available, so it is time to review the essential applications for editing and sharing photos.

Since the arrival of Instagram, there has been a boom in apps that offer us to be able to retouch, add filters, make collages with our images, etc., and then share them on our favorite social networks. As the offer is so wide, from our blog we indicate which are the most successful among users, whether they have an Android operating system like iOS .

Your Tech Blog - Essential applications to edit and share Instagram photosInstagram : It deserves a separate mention. It was one of the first applications to add effects to photos and is the most popular currently. With only 3 years of life, Instagram has managed to position itself as one of the platforms preferred by users. They say they have reached the figure of 100 million active users per month, an achievement that Facebook took 4 years to achieve. Their data is impressive: 40 million photos are published every day and 8,500 “likes” are generated per second .

Instagram, which can be installed with all operating systems ( Android and iOS among others) is very easy to use and includes a large number of filters. Since it was bought by Facebook in 2012, its social component has been increasingly enhanced,so it can be considered one more social network. It is very easy to share the images and, for a few months, it has also included the option of making videos. It has become essential in practically all terminals.

Your Technology Blog - Essential applications to edit and share Snapseed photos– Snapseed : This is one of the most popular photo editing applications for both Android and iOS . With Snapseed we can edit photographs very easily and obtaining a result that could be described as professional.

Awarded in the last TIPS Awards (Technical Image Press Association) as the best application for retouching images , Snapseed, which is free, has filters (Instagram-style), but its strong point is the editing tools it has. Thanks to them, we can edit our images easily and comfortably, making touch-ups with just two fingers and very precisely. With this application we can adjust options such as brightness and contrast control, saturation and warmth, colors, shadows, etc.

Your Technology Blog - Essential applications for editing and sharing Vsco Cam photos– Vsco Cam : It is one of the fashion photography applications in recent months for its multiple photo editing options and is already a reference in terminals with iOS (on Android it has been available for less time).

It presents a selection of much more advanced filters than those present in other applications such as Instagram and gives you a lot of freedom to edit the images. It seems that his future is very interesting, both because of the number of followers he is achieving and because of the level of creativity that his editing tools allow you.

Your Technology Blog - Essential applications to edit and share photos Vsco Cam PIXLR– Pixlr Express : It is one of the most complete applications out there in terms of effects. If Vsco Cam stands out for the quality of its filters, Pixlr Express is well known for the ability it gives the user to edit the size of the photos, crop them, create collages, adjust them, arrange them according to your objective, etc.

As if that were not enough, Pixlr Express is clean and intuitive, allowing you to quickly modify your photos and achieve very positive effects in a very simple way. It also allows you to share your edited images on other social networks. It is available for both Android and iOS.

– Flickr : Flickr was born 10 years ago as the “first online community in which users could save, organize, tag and share digitized photos”, that is, its origin is a website where images can be uploaded.

Your Technology Blog - Essential applications to edit and share photos Vsco Cam FLICKRHowever, due to the rise of photo editing applications, in 2008 it released its own applications for Android and iOS . In these Flickr it allows us to put filters and custom frames for free and also provides us with easy-to-use editing tools. Just because it currently has 92 million users from 62 different countries, it should already be considered among the essential applications for this topic.

As you have seen, the number of quality applications for editing images is very large. The evident photographic focus that is being given to new smartphones , also due to the rise of social networks and instant messaging applications, has opened a whole world of possibilities for application developers.

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