Educational applications to get started with mathematics

Educational applications to get started with mathematics

Learning is not restricted to the mere routine memorization of concepts and processes to acquire skills or knowledge. In recent years, effective and interactive experiences have emerged with the aim of motivating and actively involving children in the learning process. Game- based teaching seeks to rescue the value of the playful experience: learning while enjoying . As we explained in the previous article, in which we show you educational applications to learn to read and write Currently, there are a large number of tools and applications with which, through content presented in the form of a game, our children can practice and learn in a simple, fun and interactive way.

Educational applications to get started with mathematicsThese educational applications cover a wide variety of fields. In this post we will focus on those that allow the little ones to start in the world of numbers and mathematics . In general, in early childhood it is the area where children have the greatest difficulties in learning mathematics, so there is a need to search for methodologies that awaken in them a taste for this subject. Thanks to these tools, children can begin to develop logical thinking , interpret reality and understand a form of language, mathematics, which is very important at the preschool and primary levels.

Then we leave you with 3 of the best applications for our children to start in the world of numbers.

Lola’s Mathematics Train 2

If the first version was paid, this is completely free. The application is developed by LolaPanda , a group dedicated exclusively to the development of children’s games and applications, and is based on the results of a joint study with Stanford University , so it has a scientific basis.

The Lola 2 Mathematics Train is intended for children between 3 and 8 years old , as it ranges from simple tasks such as additions and number sequences, for the most initial stage, to complicated logical puzzles and advanced multiplication, as improve the child’s abilities. Its protagonist is Lola; Thanks to this character, our children will enter the world of numbers in a fun and interactive way.

Educational applications to get started with mathematics

The application, which is very popular and is available for Android and iOS , has 11 mini games in 3 levels of difficulty: the Easy level consists of adding, subtracting and ordering numbers; the Middle level deals with even and odd numbers and sequences, and at the Hard level there are more complicated operations and problem solving tasks. After finishing each set of math tasks, the player has a series of rewards as an incentive to continue, such as choosing an outfit for a Lola costume party.

This tool is in a wide variety of languages: Spanish , English, French, German, Dutch, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Russian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. In addition, it offers us a very interesting option: if parents want to follow up , they can register in the LolaPanda Progress Tracker, where they will be able to clearly see which areas are more difficult for their child and which ones they overcome more easily.

Montessori Maths

Educational applications to get started with mathematicsThe Montessori method is an educational method based on the highly relevant theories of the Italian educator María Montessori that date back to the beginning of the century, but which have had a strong influence on current education throughout the world. The main objective of this model is, in general terms, to unleash the potential of each child so that they can develop in a structured environment.

Designed by Montessori educators, the Montessori Maths application guides the child through the addition and subtraction of long numbers. Thanks to the use of two genuinely Montessori materials, the stamps and the abacus, this application will help our children get started in mathematics and gradually move forward in a fluid and natural way. It is a tool for boys and girls from 6 years old .

Montessori Maths, as the most outstanding features, has 4 levels of difficulty and a color code that helps the child to recognize the units, tens, hundreds and thousands. In addition, it also has a particular “monster laboratory”, where a series of very peculiar characters encourage and motivate them to continue learning. The application is available for Android and iOS and is available in 11 languages: Spanish , English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Portuguese.


Numerosity is a math game for boys and girls between 7 and 10 years old . In this application created by the award-winning studio Thoughtbox , the little ones are encouraged to play with the numbers and learn from the results. Translated into 6 different languages ​​( Spanish , English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German),

This tool takes the best qualities from the game and also from the competition. The little ones can create a profile and earn coins, which will allow them to unlock the different levels of the game (there are 20 levels ). In addition, they will be able to break their own records and earn achievements until they become the so-called “Master of Sums” . Apart from the coins obtained, children will also be able to see their progress through a color code : from red, which means they will need to review, to green, which means that they have passed the level, going through a whole range orange and yellow.

Educational applications to get started with mathematicsIn addition, Numerosity regularly sends parents emails informing them of their child’s progress , as well as offering other suggestions and options to deepen their learning. It is one of the educational reference tools in the field of numbers and has received numerous awards for the best app. The only drawbacks is that it is not free,   its cost is € 1.79, and it is only available for iOS .

With the expansion of technology, learning tools based on digital games, such as the ones we have discussed in this article, are increasingly accessible to everyone and especially to boys and girls, constituting a great help to their first education, of transcendental importance for its future development.

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