eBooks: what to consider before buying your first ebook

eBooks: what to consider before buying your first ebook

Imagine having the possibility of storing in a single device , which you can also transport anywhere, that list of books that you have promised to read, even once in a lifetime. Well, that possibility exists and has its own name: eBook .

Today, our frenetic pace of life means that we have less and less free time to dedicate to one of the oldest pleasures, reading, so the idea of ​​having a device that does not weigh and that you can transport and consult comfortably is most attractive. It is not surprising, then, that the invention of electronic books has been accompanied by a resounding success. And is that, although the most traditional still resist giving up the classic paper book, more and more people are opting to read their favorite books in digital format.

But, as in all aspects of life, not everything is black and white. Electronic books have a lot of advantages , although it is true that we must always take into account the weak points they present.

Advantages of the eBook

  • If the eBook stands out for something, it is because it allows you to store a large number of documents in one device (in addition to books, it allows you to read magazines, newspapers, PDF documents …) and transport and read them comfortably .
  • The connectivity is another of its strengths. The most modern electronic books offer an Internet connection , so the main download websites for electronic editions of books can be consulted.
  • The electronic ink technology used by most of these books is another aspect to highlight. On the one hand, unlike mobile phones and computers, they do not have a backlight , so the reading experience is similar to that of a conventional book, that is, sight does not tire. On the other hand, the battery consumption is much less , so, in turn, the autonomy of the device is greater.
  • We cannot forget either that, generally, the digital editions of the books are much cheaper , since we do not have to bear the printing costs. In this way, we can have several digital books at the price of what a physical one would cost us. In addition, we can acquire the books almost instantaneously , since we have the bookstore within a click.
  • The eBooks are, in many occasions, great allies of people with visual deficiencies , since many of them include options such as the possibility of displaying the text in different font sizes or the reproduction of audiobooks, improving the accessibility of their contents.
  • Finally, another advantage would be the ability to search for a word or phrase in the text instantly . In addition, to facilitate compression, most eBooks come with built-in dictionaries or allow easy incorporation.

Disadvantages of the eBook

  • The most notable drawback of this type of device is that it involves a high initial expense , so before buying it we must analyze whether it will be profitable. It is not the same as an investment like this made by a person who cannot go a day without reading, than someone who reads two or three books a year. Even so, it is true that every time we can find good quality eBooks at more reasonable prices , so, after all, the idea is not so farfetched.
  • Another weakness of these devices is that, as electronic devices, they are exposed to the faults that technology can suffer.
  • For the most nostalgic, the pleasure of turning pages and that famous “ book smell ” that attracts many is lost .
  • Finally, another disadvantage is that the eBook requires minimal technological knowledge . The person who uses it must know, at least, how to connect to the Internet, how to download the digital edition of the book and how to transfer it to the device.

The best eBooks on the market

Kindle and its variants

The Amazon eBook was one of the first on the market and over the years and the improvements made it has become the quintessential eBook . It is a high-quality device, which rarely causes problems, and its basic version can be purchased for around € 80 . However, Amazon increasingly launches more variants of one of its star products. One of the most valued currently is the Kindle Paperwhite , an eReader that has been equipped with lighting , which we can connect and disconnect as it suits us, making it perfect for reading in dark situations. If you can invest € 129 It is worth, it can become a great ally of your night readings.

Kobo Aura H2O

This Kobo eBook has been one of the brand’s releases of the year. We already talked about it in our article about perfect gadgets for the summer, and it is that this electronic book has an important advantage: it can be submerged in water and is resistant to dust and sand . The device features an adjustable lighting system that minimizes eye strain by directing light toward the page, not the eyes. In addition, its screen is somewhat larger than that of the Kindle (6.8 inches); Of course, it is also more expensive, it can be purchased for around € 160 .

BQ Cervantes 3

Although many do not know it, the Spanish brand BQ, whose main product is its mobile line, also has an eBook that has nothing to envy the previous two . This is the BQ Cervantes 3 , an electronic book with a very aesthetic design, an intuitive interface and 8 GB of internal memory , double that of many others. The eBook has interesting options, such as the possibility of gathering your favorite books in personal collections and organizing them according to the criteria you prefer: genre, author, year … The official price of the equipment is € 139.90 .


Energy System eReader

This eBook is one of the great bets of the Spanish company Energy System. It offers many advantages , such as, for example, the Android operating system and offers the possibility of loading many applications from this system. In addition, it is designed to access books stored in the cloud and different Internet libraries. It is another device that offers great value for money, as it can be purchased for around € 80 .

In short, it is not that there is a good and a bad option, but rather that each person must choose the device that best meets their needs, carrying out, a priori, an analysis of the pros and cons of each alternative.

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