Doodle, to plan events in the simplest way

Doodle, to plan events in the simplest way

Finding a day and an hour to stay with multiple people has never been easy. That meeting with friends that you haven’t seen in a long time, that dinner so many times postponed… Thanks to the Internet and new technologies there will be no more excuses. There are online tools on the network called online planners that allow us to find the best dates and times to organize an appointment, whether physical or, why not, virtual.

The quintessential online planner is Doodle , a very simple automated tool that prevents you from making several calls or sending a multitude of emails or messages to meet someone. Therefore, it improves the organization in every way, both in efficiency and in speed and concreteness.

Without having to register anywhere or install any kind of program, Doodle will allow us to do the following:

  • Propose several possible dates and times.
  • That the guests can vote one option or several options, and add comments to those votes
  • Allow guests to see the options chosen by the rest.
  • Finally, establish the appointment, according to the results of the survey (the most voted date and time will be the definitive ones).

Event planning

Here we detail how to do it. We will see how it works by putting a specific case; For example, suppose we want to host a dinner with coworkers.

First we will have to go to the address . Once there, we will have to press the ” Plan an event ” button. Once inside the new page, we will have to enter the general data of the event that we are going to organize: we will write a Title (“Work Dinner”) and, if we want or we know it, a Location (if we enter a valid address, Doodle the It will search Google Maps and also show it to the guests when filling out the survey) and a Description (“MGS coworkers dinner”). Finally, we will write our name and our email address. Once all this is done, we will click on the “Next” button.

Doodle, to plan events in the simplest way

Then the tool will show us a calendar , in which we will have to mark the days that we propose as possible dates to stay. In this case, we will propose on Thursday 5, Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday June 8.

Doodle, to plan events in the simplest way

Once the days are marked, we will click again on “Next” and another screen will appear to determine the hours of the respective dates that we have proposed. It will give us the option of putting several hours on the same day, if we want.

Doodle, to plan events in the simplest way

On the next screen, if we do not need special options for our survey (normally they are not necessary) we will have to press “Next” again, in the ” Basic Poll ” option .

And now we will only have to send the invitations to the people we want to come to our dinner. Doodle offers us 2 delivery options: that we do it ourselves or that it is carried out by the program itself. To make the process easier, we will choose the option to do it ourselves, by clicking on the “Finish” button.

Doodle, to plan events in the simplest way

From this moment, Doodle will send us an email to the email address we specified when organizing the survey, explaining that the survey has been created and calling us to send the link to all the guests, which is what we will do then: send an email with the corresponding link.

Vote on the proposal

Once the event is planned, and the participation link has been sent to the guests, we already have the survey in progress . Everyone will have to enter and click on the date and time that works best for them. In addition, Doodle also gives us the option to add comments to our votes. Once everyone has voted, we will find something like this:

Doodle, to plan events in the simplest way

As we can see, the day and time that are best for all the guests is Friday 6 at 9pm. All 5 people have selected this moment. Therefore, this will be the date chosen to celebrate dinner. Since everyone can see the results, all guests will find out when the event will take place.

As you can see, thanks to its tremendous simplicity, Doodle becomes something really useful for planning events, organizing appointments and even meetings.

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