Does it have to be digital? If they are toys it does not have to, but the Internet brings both worlds closer

Does it have to be digital? If they are toys it does not have to, but the Internet brings both worlds closer

The unstoppable advance of Internet commerce can make us forget some advantages of traditional commerce: human contact, expert advice, real help at the time of purchase. Digital stores, and especially the giants of Internet sales, can offer us everything but they do not answer the fundamental questions: what do I need? What is the best for what I am looking for? Does this product or service meet all the requirements?

These questions are especially necessary if what we are looking for serves us in sensitive activities such as child or dependent care, education, health. It is in these cases when the need for an expert person to help us and advise us behind the machine appears to us in a clear way.

Internet specialty stores can be this intermediate step between traditional commerce and its personal advisory capacity and huge catalog stores that leave us alone in the face of the purchase decision . If a careful selection is made to these stores, made by professionals with judgment, offered to the consumer in a clear and simple way, perhaps we are facing a reflection of the attention of traditional commerce offered in the virtual reality of the Internet .

store specialized in educational games MemorytecaA notable example is the recent store specialized in educational games Memoryteca , a sales portal where products are distributed according to their functions. Each product is not summarized in terms of its external characteristics, but rather indicates what brain or motor areas it stimulates, what makes it significant and why the team has chosen it. Always concise, but complete texts and informative icons complete the experience, so the user finds that touch of “personal” advice that only human action can give him.

Memoryteca: educational toysThe specialized stores, Memoryteca is a good example, add to its component of personal help, the fascination of its catalog, games that we did not intuit existed or that we cannot find in a traditional store are within our curiosity simply grouped. A tour of this store will allow us to discover the different areas that we can train, their adaptation according to age, the application of educational toys to certain pathologies or problems, with the certainty of always having specialists to ask what we want.

Memoryteca: educational toysIn summary, a remarkable, simple and well-managed experience in products as necessary as those that help the acquisition of skills in children, or allow avoiding cognitive deterioration through training in the youngest. Thus, an attractive and useful portal where researching the fascinating world of educational toys allows us to reflect on digital commerce and think that perhaps not everything is lost.

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