Difference Between MBA and MIM

The Masters in Management program is slowly becoming popular among pupils and is generally confused with an MBA. But, these two programs are rather distinct from one another. Students who apply for the MiM program are substantially younger since they’re permitted to have greater than 1 year of corporate expertise and are consequently more young compared to their MBA counterparts.

The MiM level originated in Europe and can be taken up by undergraduates who would like to kickstart their management career. The length is usually 1 year, and it lays the groundwork for several of the subsequent business-related studies.

Contrary to an MBA, the candidate’s work experience isn’t a crucial element in MiM on account of this class’s nature; it helps them construct a solid theoretical comprehension of the concepts and is, thus, less concentrated on practical program. Though prior work experience isn’t a pre-requisite but is generally appreciated and functions as a incentive. However, when a candidate has over 1 year of job experience, they can be invited to apply for an MBA instead.

There’s a substantial gap between the 2 classes from the program. An MBA degree permits students to delve deeper into particular regions of business depending on their interests. It permits you to use your preexisting learnings and utilize them as you know about financing, marketing, and human resources in-depth. On the flip side, a MiM course concentrates on giving a firm grounding via core business classes and doesn’t offer you several electives. The core modules on bookkeeping, advertising, and plan, schools that offer MiM additionally provide pupils with different internship opportunities to place the learnings to practice.

But, there are a number of exceptions, and a few colleges provide programs that continue for a single year. A MiM, being a high-paced class, lasts for approximately ten months. The brief duration permits you to rapidly equip yourself with a theoretical grasp of the company procedures and enter into the job market once you’re finished with this program.

Many MBA applicants possess substantial work experience, and so it prepares you for mid-level managerial places as soon as you’ve finished the application. It instantly helps you progress into a higher position and raises your odds of taking an innovative part later on. A MiM generally gets you an entry status in the company domain since it’s chiefly consumed by recent graduates that have little if any work experience. It prepares you for the highly competitive area of company and assists you using a smooth transition.


It’s undeniable that chasing an MBA can burn a hole in your pocket since the price can be as large as $100,000. Although colleges in countries such as Germany offer cheap classes, if a candidate chooses to pursue this level from a leading business school at the U.K. or even U.S.A, it’ll be a substantial expense. It’s a viable alternative to an MBA level, particularly for younger applicants who don’t have the funds to go for a fulltime MBA.

An MBA is among the most common post-graduate degrees on the planet and is therefore known globally. Quite a few schools throughout the globe provide this level. Best business schools in countries such as the U.S. are a bit sceptical when it has to do with a Masters in Management but are gradually becoming used to it more and more students are applying for your application.

If you’re confused about which app is going to be a better match for you, you need to assess where you’re in your lifetime and in which you want to be later on. It would be best to remember that an MBA application is significantly more expensive and needs more time to finish. It might be helpful if you weighed the programs’ pros and cons and decide what suits you best at this stage in your career. If you decide to go to get a MiM program, the colleges mentioned previously offer top-notch facilities using a rigorous program that will certainly provide you a headstart in the company world. Should you would like to research an MBA, here’s a listing of the top 10 MBA colleges worldwide.

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