Delve into 5G technology

Delve into 5G technology

It is possible that lately you have read or heard all kinds of hoaxes about 5G technology ( here the most famous are denied). The successor to 4G refers to the fifth generation of mobile telephony technologies, which significantly improves the performance (bandwidth, latency, capacity of connected devices) of mobile Internet access compared to previous generations. Its characteristics make it a key piece to accelerate the digital transformation of society and the economy.


5G is characterized by having a smaller wave interface , allowing more devices to be used within the same geographical area. For example, 4G can support about 4,000 devices per square kilometer, while 5G will support around one million. With this system it will be possible to have many more devices working, reliably, safely and uninterruptedly in the same area. This will open the way to new uses such as the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) .

In addition, much larger amounts of data can be transferred; a connection speed 10 times faster than the current one, and something very relevant for the entire technology sector: improvements in latency. What does it mean? Less time it will take data to go from your device to web page servers or other online services .

Development in Spain

In our country, this technological paradigm is supported by the National 5G Plan , which outlines the strategy set by the Government for the implementation of 5G this year. The document includes: an introduction to 5G technology; radio spectrum management and planning; its promotion through pilot projects and support for R & D & i; regulatory aspects; international coordination and cooperation and, finally, a roadmap and key actions.

The coronavirus crisis has meant that the expected deadlines have been postponed, with October being the key month in which the release of the 700 MHz band that will be used by 5G will end. In addition, the bidding for that band will be held in the first quarter of 2021.

In this tender it will be the telephone companies that will monopolize the bandwidth to offer their 5G services in the new mobile phones that are available in the market and that already have the capacity to use this new technology. It must be remembered that in Spain 5G can already be used in some areas, but it is still too early for it to be available in territories outside of urban centers and all operators can offer it.

Finally, it should be noted that this technological advance will mean an improvement in industrial and business processes of all kinds around the world and that, at the consumer level, it will facilitate our daily telecommunications.

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