Cyberclick gives you 8 ebooks on digital marketing for Book Day

Cyberclick gives you 8 ebooks on digital marketing for Book Day

Tomorrow is International Book Day, April 23 . All the Cyberclick team we want to congratulate you in advance and wish you a great day. Strolling between the book stops and enjoying the different literary activities in your city or town. But remember, not all content is written on paper, but the digital age has provided us with fabulous bookstores at a single click of the hand. Today reading a book, article or short text is very easy from the laptop, the tablet or the ereader.

But why is the day of the book commemorated on this date? It turns out that on April 23, 1616, two of the greatest literary figures of all time died: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare . Other relevant writers such as Maurice Druon, K. Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla or Mejía Vallejo have also been born or died. Besides, this day is Saint George and in areas like Catalonia the official day of love is celebrated and tradition says that books and roses should be given away.

Being us in love with content (and content marketing) we leave you here as a gift 8 of our guides . So you can download them for free and read them whenever you want. They will surely make you happy, they will make you grow as people and professionals, they will teach you new concepts and above all they will be useful for you to implement your digital marketing strategies, optimize ROI and KPI’s to the maximum, generate attraction to your websites or landings and get qualitative leads. and clients.

Here are these 8 digital marketing ebooks that collect all our knowledge for you and are our small contribution to the literary world and to International Book Day:


1 # [EBOOK] How to get your company to success with Twotter Ads

Those companies that know how Twitter Ads  works  are having a very important return on their investments. With this guide we discover how to achieve it thanks to the technology and algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and we show you real success stories from renowned brands such as Iberia, Leisure Auction and GlovoApp.

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2 # [EBOOK] The 8 keys to digital marketing to succeed in the tourism sector

The percentage of tourist reservations that are made online has exploded in recent years, and the major brands in the tourism sector have taken this digital growth into account when carrying out their advertising campaigns. This ebook collects the success stories and the strategies recently carried out by Iberia, Renfe-SNCF and Swiss Tourism, paying special attention to the keys that you should not lose sight of when developing your digital strategy.

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3 # [EBOOK] Native Advertising – Advertising for advertising enemies

A very complete ebook that reveals us in an exciting way what Native Advertising is . This is a novel format at the advertising level, which focuses on content and adapts to the online medium where it is published. One of the advantages it has is that it overcomes the barrier of AdBlockers or ad blockers. Learn with this guide how to create native ads, you will see 3 surprising examples of native advertising, how to improve the CTR of this type of campaign and the keys to optimize them to the maximum.

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4 # [EBOOK] The 8 advertising formats that you must not lose sight of

Do you want to discover which online advertising supports are successful? Do you know which are the best to convert visits into leads and clients? David Tomás, CEO and co-founder of Cyberclick, explains them to you in this complete ebook. One of the most outstanding aspects is that you are either mobile or you will die on the way. Today an online marketing strategy is not understood without it being adapted to mobile supports.

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5 # [EBOOK] The best guide to create Instagram Ads

An amazing guide designed for marketing managers and community managers, so they can create ads step by step on the Instagram social network . A 100% visual social network, which belongs to Facebook and which opened its advertising platform less than a year ago to the public and companies in general.

Course: Video about the best strategies in Instagram Ads


6 # The Ultimate Guide to Adblocks

Find out how AdBlockers or ad blockers affect your online marketing actions in 2016. In addition, here you will find 3 incredible solutions that will help you focus your strategy and prevent blockers from preventing your ads from being displayed. It also talks about how these applications influence the future of digital advertising.

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7 # [EBOOK] Omnichannel, Multichannel and Cross Channel Marketing

One of the terms that is gaining more prominence in the world of marketing is the Omni-channel . In this whitepaper, we want to shed a little light on the omnichannel concept, delimiting and differentiating it from two other complementary terms: multichannel marketing and cross-channel marketing.

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8 # [EBOOK] The Cyberclick Funnel Advertising Methodology

We want all of our clients to improve their campaigns and results. That is why, from Cyberclick we have devised Funnel Advertising Medotology. Find out by downloading this guide with the full explanation.

Funnel Advertising Methodology

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