Creating surveys with PlayBuzz

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz

Social media has been filled with little polls, lists, postcards, difference games, and other visual entertainment. The possibility of creating this type of content in a simple way through content generation platforms has popularized them, making them a very important part of the social material that circulates on the Internet. It is no longer just the news media, advertising companies, or online stores that are the builders and broadcasters of these games. All of us are potential creators of this type of social content and we can spread them from our social networks or personal blogs.

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech BlogToday we present you one of these platforms that allow us to create lists, surveys or questionnaires in a simple way and share them even easier: PlayBuzz . In this article we suggest you create content with this free service.

A simple survey: I like / dislike

Throughout this article we will build a simple survey, of the type I like / dislike and we will end up publishing it and sharing it with all of you. We invite you to follow these simple steps and to create your own content. On the PlayBuzz website  we find access to the materials that thousands of users have been creating and publishing, but we also have access to content creation through the ” Create ” button in the top menu. Although the website is currently only in English, the interface is intuitive and allows creating content without problems even with an elementary knowledge of this language.

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech Blog

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech BlogThe first thing we must decide is what type of interactive content we want to generate. Right now it allows us to choose between 9 types of content, lists in countdown format, surveys with bar graphs, trivial games, different types of list, choice matrices, etc. Once we have chosen our option, we will click on the one that appears to the right of the content type. In our example we will create a vote of type YES / NO ( Swiper ).

The page will display the content type tab, from where we can access a description, the recommendations for use and links to examples and screen images. This arrangement that you can see in the following image is similar for all types of content and is very useful to get an idea before starting.

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech Blog

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech BlogAt this time PlayBuzz will ask us to register for its service, which we can do through our Facebook account, Google+ or through the registration of a user who will ask us for a name, an email address and a password. Any of the three forms works correctly and in our case we have chosen to use Google+ as a form of access. Once registered we go to the content editing page.

In all types, we must fill in a series of common data: the photo for the content link, the title, the description, the labels we want to use, the content access permissions (Public, only the registered user or only those who have the link to it).

We can also decide the language, whether automatic translations will be available and whether voting is open or closed. This last option is very useful since it will allow us to close the voting once the term we want has ended. The editing page also allows us to configure a special photo to share the content on Facebook.


After the common data, we must choose the options of the type we have selected.

In our case it allows us to select the type of proportion of the image, the voting buttons, if we want the items to be presented randomly and limit voting to one round.

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech Blog

Swiper survey options

Once these elements of our content have been chosen, we proceed to fill each of the items through a simple tab where we must choose the title of the same and the photo that we will use.

We must be very careful with the choice of photographs as we may infringe use rights or commercial licenses . The photographs available on the Internet are not free to use and we cannot use them to our liking without knowing whether we can do it or not.

When in doubt, it is best not to use an image as much as we like it .

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech BlogFor those cases where the images are ours we can indicate the image box without credentials, and in the cases of images that can be used but the author must be indicated (in the case of some types of creative commons use license for example) it will be filled in the credentials line of the image.

Once our editing work is completed, we can save it, review it and publish it with the buttons at the bottom of the page, although we recommend regularly saving the work to avoid surprises.

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech Blog

Bottom buttons: save draft, publish and preview

Once we have published the content it is time to share it, for this we will access our PlayBuzz profile through the link that appears in the top menu of the page.

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech Blog

Access to personal profile from the top menu of PlayBuzz

Once in our profile we find a tab for each content, whether it is published or under construction. For each content that we have edited, a tab appears that allows us to access it, edit it or share it through the buttons shown.

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech Blog

Content tab on personal profile page

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech BlogThe first of them allows us to share it directly from a series of pre-established social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ or Reddit, or use the public link to share it through email or networks like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech Blog

Creating surveys with PlayBuzz - Your Tech BlogThe second allows us to obtain the code to insert the content into our own web pages. Since this use is not the usual one for the home user who will share its contents on a social network, we will not extend ourselves to this use, but as an example,  in the following link we have allowed ourselves to publish the survey that we have carried out to obtain the images of this article enjoy it!

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