Chema Alonso: "A hacker is not a criminal, investigate and expand the limits of the network"

Chema Alonso: “A hacker is not a criminal, investigate and expand the limits of the network”

Invited by the MGS Foundation , on May 19 in Barcelona, ​​the media hacker Chema Alonso displayed his knowledge of computer security in front of a public made up of more than 200 employees and mediators of MGS Seguros.

He began his conference defending the role of the hacker as a person who, far from the negative image that is often attributed to him in the media, ” delights in having a deep understanding of the inner workings of a computer system to improve it .” To refer to people who commit computer crimes or “cybercrimes”, Chema Alonso recommends the use of the expression ” cracker ” or “hacker.”

Next, using simple examples, he described attendees as, as we embrace technology in our work and private lives, the dangers in digital environments and cybercrime such as theft of personal data, personality theft are increasing. , attacks on servers and different types of fraud and piracy.

Some of the cases that have caused the greatest number of people affected are emails with malicious content that, when opening the attached file, encrypt documents and files from our devices, and then ask us for a sum of money to be able to recover them. Mobile applications that promise to hack or spy on the mobile or other people’s social media profiles have also caused a large number of criminal actions.

Chema Alonso

He also stressed that there are many people who request this type of criminal “services” on the Internet at a particular level and therefore we must take care of the computer security of our devices and environments such as social networks and email. We remind you that the Police has a Technological Investigation Brigade, which you can go to if you are the victim of some type of crime in digital environments.

Who is Chema Alonso?

Chema Alonso is a Computer Engineer, Computer Systems Engineer and Doctor in Computer Security. New C hief Data Officer (CDO) of Telefónica has recently been appointed . Previously, he was the Director of Eleven Paths , a subsidiary company of Telefónica Digital focused on innovation in security products and Global Security Business of Telefónica Business Solutions. In addition, he combines his professional activity with teaching, conferences and appearances in the media.

Undoubtedly, it is a topic of growing interest, at a personal and business level, since there is also a remarkable increase in the demand for insurance solutions in the field of computer security .

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