Cheap technological gifts that you can ask the Three Kings

Cheap technological gifts that you can ask the Three Kings

We are immersed in full Christmas parties , a time of peace, happiness, harmony, family gatherings and, of course … gifts everywhere !

If you are also one of those who still has several pending Kings gifts and low budget, do not worry, we give you some ideas of affordable technological gifts with which you are sure to succeed this Christmas.

Also, if you choose to buy any of these products online you will surely save some money . For this, you can consult our list of the best websites, which also meet all the security requirements that you must take into account.

Cheap smartphones

Moto G5

Giving a mobile phone is always a guaranteed shot and the truth is that, although at first we may think that it is a gift that is not available to all budgets, there is a varied offer of good smartphones for less than € 200 .

On websites like Amazon or PC Components you can find phones such as the Moto G5 (around € 180), the Huawei P9 Liteel (for € 185), the BQ Aquaris V (€ 199) or the Samsung Galaxy J3 (for just over € 160), all of them more than enough for those who use the mobile for basic functions.

Logically, the higher the performance of the terminal, the higher its price, so it is always recommended to make an analysis of the needs we have and those we want to cover, always keeping in mind the budget we want to invest in the gift.


Olympus SZ-14 camera

Gone are the days when having a good camera was just a thing for photography lovers. Now who more or less has a camera with which to take photographs of those long and commented family dinners that happen on these dates. Therefore, a new camera can become a great gift that can also be enjoyed by the whole family.

There are many economical and considerable quality options such as the Samsung WB150F (approximately € 150), the Olympus SZ-14 (around € 170) or the Sony WX100 (for around € 180).

If your budget is lower but you still do not want to give up giving a device like this, you can always opt for an instant camera , a more than original option. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 or some version of the Lomo’Instant are great alternatives for just over € 80.


Amazon Kindle

EBooks are a great choice for a gift both passionate and the fans of reading . The offer of this type of device is very wide, so it can be adapted to all types of pockets. In general, eBooks such as Kindle and its variants, the Kobo , BQ and Energy System are the best valued on the market and, in addition, on these dates you can find the odd offer.

If you decide on one of them, remember to check what features you should take into account before buying your first electronic book.

Smartwatches and Fitbits

The wearables , these small devices with microprocessor that can carry a daily basis and have multiple functions, fashionable.

MyKronoz ZeWatch 2

With a superficial search on the main technology websites you will be able to check the varied offer of smartwatches on the market, making them a perfect option for a Christmas gift.


The MyKronoz ZeWatch 2 (about € 69) or the Sony Smartwatch 2 and the Pebble (both for around € 110), are great bets for quality smart watches but at a good price. For those who can stretch the budget more, the LG G Watch (€ 179) and the Asus ZenWatch (€ 199) are more expensive options but have greater functionality and a much more careful finish.

Fitbit Flex

The bracelets activity (better known as Fitbits ) are another type of wearables that have been very successful in recent years. If you have to give a gift to a person who likes sports , it is a perfect option. Also, the designs are very different, so you will surely find one that suits the tastes of that person.

The Fitbit Flex (around € 80), the Fitbit Charge (approximately € 100) or the Fitbit Surge Smartwatch (around € 130) are good alternatives with a multitude of features.

Other ideas

If you are not convinced by any of the above ideas or if you are on a tighter budget, there are cheaper alternatives that you can consider: external hard drives, Bluetooth headphones, wireless speakers … all of them are good options with which, at a minimum, you are going to surprise.

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