Celebration in the company, at Cyberclick we have redefined this concept

Celebration in the company, at Cyberclick we have redefined this concept

Last Friday our office tables were emptied for one day. Instead, laughter and yelling from the Cyberclick team invaded the Port Aventura attractions . After a lively train ride, we gathered early at the gates of the amusement park to enjoy a day away from our daily chores.


A sunny day, which started with an adrenaline rush in the Shambala – the highest roller coaster in Europe -, accompanied by a trip through water in the Tutuki Splash, a dazed ride in the Tea Cups and a meal to the rhythm of the artists from the Mexican Cantina; among many others. We did not leave the park until the last minute and only because it closed. Without a doubt an experience that left us both speechless and unafraid of heights to more than one.

For those surprised, this is just another one of our quarterly celebrations. If we consult a dictionary we will find that the definition of ‘celebration’ is:

Celebration: (from Latin celebratĭo, -ōnis)

(1)  f. Action to celebrate; commemoration or celebration; applause, cheer.

When one thinks of this concept, the first image that comes to mind is probably the typical dinner with friends, family meal or anniversary. It is rare to associate it with company celebrations, which are normally reminiscent of those tense Christmas Dinners or the uncomfortable farewells of colleagues.

At Cyberclick we want to promote a new concept of celebration. And it is that, as in any other field, a worker deserves a certain commemoration for his effort, and even more if that simple detail can favor the growth of the company.


Our tradition

The Cyberclick team conducts a monthly and a weekly meeting – where specific day-to-day topics are discussed. But we have another one that is the  quarterly one, being this more extensive and where the performance of the last three months is analyzed in more detail, comparing the results with previous periods.

It is a time when each worker reflects on what they could contribute to the company and makes proposals for improvement . By having an opportunity to share it, you can set realistic and results-oriented priorities for the next quarter that bring added value to the company.

The key point of this method is that at the same time that the objectives of the worker are aligned with those of the company, a day of disconnection and leisure is established as a gift for achieving them . In this way, every three months the team enjoys a well-deserved start in which fun is guaranteed.

Whether the proposals are fulfilled or not, at Cyberclick we have verified the importance of recognizing the merit of the effort of each of the team members, whether it is with a dinner, a game in Karting or a getaway to Andorra, as on previous occasions.

Likewise, it is not enough to plan an exit, however interesting it may seem. We have been able to observe that details such as giving a title to the quarter, clearly defining what you want to achieve and why, together with the possibility of celebrating the success of such proposals, have a great impact on employees, motivating them to increase their productivity and achieving make them feel more fulfilled and ‘happy’ in their work environment.

The tradition includes the fact of being able to participate openly in the choice of the venue and that the deliberation is the majority, a fact that significantly increases the meaning and the perceived value of it.


Why is it important to start applying this system?

Through this habit, not only are people motivated, but a great team feeling is created, promoting well-being and happiness in the workplace.

Nowadays, it is very common to think that offering monetary incentives benefits the company in the long term, but the truth is that simple non-monetary incentives like this have an exponentially greater effect.

Encouraging people to define their professional priorities contributes to the growth of the company with a double effect:

  • Bringing great added value to the company: new ideas as a result of brainstorming, points of improvement, committed people …
  • Providing great added value to the employee: there may be needs that were within the company’s reach but were unknown to the company, from training to internal projects that align with their personal objectives.

Celebrating successes, you can strengthen ties between workers, increase motivation and improve productivity. At Cyberclick we have already seen the pool and the beach that promises our next departure at the end of summer!

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