Be first-time parents and not die trying

Be first-time parents and not die trying

Being parents is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to us and, without a doubt, it is an event that marks a before and after in our lives. However, being new parents is not easy . There are many doubts that assail us when we have young boys and girls for the first time, when we enter a kind of unknown dimension.

Suddenly we have a very small creature in our arms and we do not have its instruction book. For this reason, in Your Technology Blog, we will talk about technological applications aimed at parents of babies that will help us clear up doubts about this whole world, giving us advice, evaluating possible symptoms of the baby, collecting data from the first months, etc.

The first application we will talk about is called iPediatric and it is one of the most complete medical tools currently available. It is endorsed by professionals of great reputation, as it has been thought and developed by 3 prestigious pediatricians from the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona: doctors Juan José García García, José Mª Quintillá Martínez and Santiago García-Tornel; The latter is one of the most renowned professionals in the sector in our country.

iPediatric is an application aimed at parents with children from 0 to 12 months , that is, it covers the earliest stage of the child. While it should in no way replace a doctor’s visit, it answers hundreds of questions about your baby’s health. As its creators comment on the application’s website , “iPediatric has been conceived to function as a virtual practice “. Thus, its objective is to provide answers to our questions immediately, through a simple “click”.

Being first-time parents with iPediatric is much easier: it contains information about 126 problems or diseases of the baby in the first year of life and its corresponding treatment. It is characterized by always using a very close and colloquial language, easy to understand for everyone, and has 5 sections: Dictionary, Development, Symptoms, Graphics and Baby Sheet . With all these sections, this tool not only serves to identify the symptoms that our children present, but it goes further, and allows parents to carry out rigorous control of the psychomotor development of their son or daughter, fundamental during the first months of life. Thus, iPediatric draws development curves based on measurements and weight, and also makes ahistory of relevant baby events.

Finally, another great quality is that, through a color code, the application will give us an approximation of the possible degree of severity of the symptoms, always bearing in mind that we should not use it as a substitute for our GP, but as a simple indicator that helps us to define the question. In addition, it allows you to directly make a call to the emergency telephone number 112 or contact our general pediatrician. iPediatric is available for both Android (costs € 2.69) and iOS (€ 2.99).

First-time parents: Applications to help first-time parents care for their children

The new concept of ” mHealth ” (mobile health) will bring with it a real revolution in the healthcare world. We can already verify this with the increasing number of health applications. Some of these tools are intended for the exclusive use of professionals, but there are many other user-oriented tools, such as those aimed at first-time parents. This is the case, as we have seen, of iPediatric, and also of others, such as the one titled , a creation of the publication of the same name, a magazine specialized in childcare that advises parents on multiple aspects . is considered one of the current sites with the best information about baby care and the experience of being parents for the first time, since it is written by specialists in the field: pediatricians, nutritionists, dermatologists, etc. Now that they have published their app, we can immediately consult any questions. The content is vast, ranging from issues as basic as bath time to more complex issues, such as nutrition.

First-time parents: Applications to help first-time parents care for their childrenThe application of is very complete. With content that accompanies parents from pre-pregnancy to 6 years , it is made up of multiple sections: Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy, Baby (first months of life), Children, Family, Food, Health and many more. It is only available for iOS mobiles and is free.

Another good source of information about caring for our little ones is an application called Baby Doc and it could be defined as a digital primer on children’s health . Driven by Jorge Muñoz, head of the Pediatric Service of USP Palma Planas, it covers the entire pediatric stage , from birth to 14 years of age. If we have a boy or a girl just born, we can have on the smartphone all the child’s history, with photos, graphics and all kinds of related information.

With Baby Doc parents can enter their children’s data and the program will automatically make very simple graphs with their growth curves, for example, and thus be able to easily follow their evolution day by day. The application designed by Jorge Muñoz is available for iOS (it costs € 0.99) and, very soon, in his own words, it will also be available for Android mobiles.

In short, despite all the joys it brings, being first-time parents is not easy, especially if we are new to this arduous task. Organizing well and remembering each and every one of the things our baby needs requires a lot of dedication. These applications will help make this happy load more bearable.

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