Basic applications that you should have on your mobile or tablet

Basic applications that you should have on your mobile or tablet

Have you recently been given a smartphone or tablet and would you like to know the essential applications to start squeezing your device to the fullest? In this article, we will show you some apps that have become essential over time. They all perform different tasks; its common link is its usefulness and functionality. It should be said, too, that all the ones we will comment on can be installed both on the Android operating system , such as iOS and Windows Phone . We have classified them according to their category:

Social networks

Your Technology Blog - Basic applications for your mobile or tabletThe quintessential social network today is Facebook , plain and simple everyone is there. Its figures, now that it is 10 years old, are impressive: it has 1,230 million active users , who make more than 6,000 million “likes” per day. There is a very revealing fact: 76.8% of all users connect from a mobile device. Its application, both on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, is always one of the most downloaded.

After Facebook, another great one is Twitter . The micro-messaging network has more than 241 million active users after 7 years, with more than 500 million daily tweets and 70% of the messages sent via mobile and tablets. Other important social networks are Instagram , the photography network that today has the highest growth in users , and Google+ , Google’s social network, the last to join (just 2 years ago) but which today already has, according to figures from the American company itself, about 400 million users . There is nothing.

Instant messaging

Your Technology Blog - Basic applications for your mobile or tablet - WhastappAccording to a study by the Global Web Index , instant messaging applications are the ones that are growing the most, so they can be considered as the big winners in the current application landscape, always with permission from social networks.

If we talk about instant messaging we obviously have to talk about WhatsApp . Recently bought by Facebook, the revolution brought about by this tool created by Jan Koum is total, as it has completely changed the way of personal communications via mobile phone, previously dominated by SMS.

WhatsApp has enormous penetration among users, which currently number more than 450 million active users , a figure that has reached faster than any other company in history. Its rise is brutal : more than a million people every day download the application and start chatting, bringing the daily growth rate to 72%.

Who can dethrone WhatsApp? It really seems that the alternatives that come out do not end up shadowing it. Today it is Telegram who is getting all the praise. The purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook and its regular “hangs” have caused Telegram to grow at a rate of 200,000 users a day in Spain , currently reaching half a million new active users worldwide. Its aesthetics and its way of working (even its emoticons) are traced to WhatsApp. We will see.

Cloud storage

Your Technology Blog - Basic applications for your mobile or tablet - DropboxThe cloud is a model that is based on the storage of data on the network, in a virtual space. Saving information in the cloud has many advantages, such as having more space, being able to open content from any device – computer, mobile, tablet – and the possibility of sharing files of all kinds with other people. The most important example of this system is Dropbox .

In November 2013, Dropbox reached 200 million users , becoming the leader in the sector. It is available on the website ( ) and also on mobiles and tablets with its corresponding application. Having Dropbox on your mobile or tablet is especially useful to be able to consult the files stored there from anywhere. Dropbox accounts start with 2GB of free space . You can get more free space in various ways. For example, you can recommend Dropbox to your friends and get up to 16 GB of additional space.

The best alternatives to Dropbox are Box , which has a free service and offers 5 GB of free storage, and Google Drive , Google’s cloud storage service, offering starting 15 GB, as long as you have a Gmail account.


Your Technology Blog - Basic applications for your mobile or tablet - EvernoteThe day to day at work generates an enormous amount of information that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. There is an application that always appears in the lists of users’ favorite applications , and that allows you to organize all the information of interest that you generate day by day. This is Evernote , a service that allows you to store all kinds of documents in different formats, make personal notes or have emails controlled, classifying everything using a label system that allows quick and accurate searches. In addition, it is synchronized with the cloud, so that the content is accessible from any device with an Internet connection, be it a computer, mobile or tablet.

An alternative to Evernote could be One Note , an application launched by Microsoft that makes it easy for you to take notes and collect information, and which allows you to add drawings, photos, multimedia elements, and scanned images, among others.

Navigation, email and Google Maps

At this point of the article we must also emphasize, since we are talking about essential tools for your device, in those applications that work as a browser , as well as those that allow us to manage our email . For this topic we will not name any specific application, since the ones that come by default on your mobile device are already of sufficient quality and as such allow easy and intuitive navigation on the Internet, on the one hand, and email management, by other.

And finally, one of the most necessary applications and that, for some time now, has become essential for many people: Google Maps . Google’s free service offers a comprehensive map, with satellite photos of the world and even the route between different locations or images at street level. Since 2005 Google Maps is part of Google Local .

Your Technology Blog - Basic applications for your mobile or tablet - Google Maps

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