Auto Guardian: the device that will improve your safety on the road

Auto Guardian: the device that will improve your safety on the road

102,362 is the number of traffic accidents that, according to data from the General Directorate of Traffic , happened last year 2016 on Spanish roads . In them 1,810 people lost their lives and another 9,755 were injured. These are scary numbers, and it is that traffic accidents are dangerous situations that, unfortunately, happen very frequently.

Imagine having an accident that deprives you of the possibility of communicating when you need more help. To avoid situations like this, MGS Seguros has developed Auto Guardián , an intelligent accident detection system that automatically alerts roadside assistance services when the driver or the occupants of the vehicle are unable to do so. The objective? Activate the assistance protocol immediately to try to minimize the possible consequences of the accident and reduce the waiting time in these types of situations in which every minute counts.

How does Auto Guardian work?

The operation of the Auto Guardian device is very simple. You only have to connect it to the OBD port of your vehicle and have the MGS app downloaded (available for free on Android and iOS systems) on your mobile phone . The same device will be linked with the app through the Bluetooth connection and your car will already be connected.

The system will be alert at all times and, in the event of an accident, it will make a first communication with the driver to, if there is no response, notify the roadside assistance services directly . In this communication, the device will report the exact position of the vehicle through geolocation .

In the event that the accident was not serious, the driver can always deactivate the automatic warning or communicate the type of assistance he needs.

Commitment to innovation

Auto Guardián is a pioneer in the insurance sector and in the world of services associated with the automobile since, despite having similar systems for new vehicles, Auto Guardián is the only one that allows converting any car with an OBD device into a connected car.

This innovation has earned him the award as best device of the year in the category “Automotive Technology” by the technological magazine Gadget , competing with developments of top brands such as Tom Tom or Garmin.

With this new service, MGS continues to bet on technological innovation, while continuing to improve and include new services that add value to its products and make the lives of its policyholders more comfortable.

How can you get Auto Guardian?

Now that you know what Auto Guardian is, how easy it is to install, and how useful it can be in these complicated situations, you surely want one too.

Auto Guardián can be requested completely free of charge with MGS Seguros car insurance , so if you are already a client of the entity you can request it from your mediator or branch.

If you are not yet a client of MGS, you can consult the office search engine on our website and request information about the advantages of this product from your nearest branch. Once you have contracted MultiAuto Seleccion you can request your Auto Guardián device for free.

MGS closes 2017 with more than 2,000 Auto Guardian devices delivered among its clients. This great acceptance allows the insurer to continuously innovate to offer them a better service. Like all technological developments, Auto Guardián is constantly evolving. The MGS team of professionals is already working on future updates , developing new features that increase the security of customers and offer them new services linked to the MGS App.

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