Apps that help improve productivity at work

Apps that help improve productivity at work

The mobile is with us at all times, whether for better or for worse. He is with us when we have dinner, when we go for a walk, when we play sports, when we travel … and also when we work, either at home or in the office.

If we have him at our side when we are in the work environment, it does not hurt to take full advantage of the benefits that it can offer us. Currently, as the smartphone is a pocket computer, there are many high-quality applications that will help us improve our productivity in the professional environment, since they will save time and help us organize our day-to-day tasks effectively.

Next we will expose some of the applications that will allow us to be more productive.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Apps that help improve productivity at workThe document management is key to office work, so we will be very useful an application that can view, create and edit documents of all kinds. Microsoft has taken a while to make the leap to the world of smartphones , but now that it has, it will be a difficult task to find a better alternative.

With Microsoft Office Mobile we can manage Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from anywhere and for free. The files have the same appearance and format as the originals and are available for both Android and iOS .

Another option that could be just as valid is Google Drive (also developed for Android and iOS ), despite the fact that we might have some formatting problem if we exchange documents with other people.

Google Drive

Documents take up space on our computer or on our mobile device until a day comes when we can no longer store any more things. To solve it, there are applications like Google Drive that, apart from editing documents, allow us, for free, to store all our files (documents, photos, videos, music …) in the cloud, so they do not take up any space.

It operates as a complement to our Gmail account and, in addition to storing, thanks to it we will be able to carry out, as previously mentioned, a large number of other tasks: create, edit, comment, consult and share text documents, tables of contents, presentations, images, etc.

Dropbox is another interesting cloud storage option that is also very popular with users. It is available on all platforms ( Android and iOS mobile devices and computers ) and offers us 2 GB of free storage.


Apps that help improve productivity at workAs we said in our article on basic applications that we should have on mobile or tablet , day-to-day at work generates an enormous amount of information that becomes increasingly difficult to manage.

This is where Evernote comes in , a very popular free tool that allows you to store all kinds of documents in different formats, make personal annotations or control emails, classifying everything using a label system that allows quick and accurate searches. In addition, it is synchronized with the cloud, making the content accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

There is also a version for companies , with which we can work in groups and share notebooks, files and notes between different employees. Evernote is available for Android and iOS .

An alternative to Evernote could be OneNote , an application launched by Microsoft that makes it easy for you to take notes and collect information, and which allows you to add drawings, photos, multimedia elements, and scanned images, among others. For Android and iOS mobiles .


This application will allow us to digitize any document that we need to send via email or share with any of our contacts in .doc or .pdf format. It is a very useful tool for the office since, in addition, we can edit our own scanned image to adjust the size, color and other parameters. It exists for Android and iOS and it is free.

For more information about document scanning through our mobile device, we can consult the article ” Digital Document Processing: the camera as a scanner ” within Your Technology Blog .

Another cool app is the one the Evernote team created recently. It is called Scannable , at the moment it is only available for iOS , and it is a very easy-to-use tool with which we can scan documents in a few steps and then share it with a lot of compatible services.

Office Calculator

Apps that help improve productivity at workIt is a professional calculator that has a wide variety of scientific functions . It is very simple and, among its features, it has several rounding modes, percentages and tax calculator, in addition to standing out for the possibility of filing all the operations carried out. It is one of the most used calculation apps and is available for Android and iOS .

Alternatives to the Office Calculator there are many; Among the most prominent are CALC , for iOS, and RealCal Scientific Calculator , for Android. Is free.


GroupMe is an instant messaging application focused mainly on communication through groups . GroupMe will allow us to be in constant contact with our coworkers and share images, notes and documents of all kinds related to our work environment through a simple chat. In addition, its wed version makes it possible to transfer the conversation to the work computer and, thus, not miss anything that is said. It is available for Android phones and iOS phones .

Asana is another app of the same style. It can become a great project manager , since it will allow us to comfortably see and manage the pending work. It is also found for both Android and iOS.

Unlike the instant messaging applications that we all know, the maximum exponent of which is WhatsApp, both GroupMe and Asana are intended for a more professional use and, therefore, require informed groups of participants. In addition, both can be downloaded free of charge.

Apps that help improve productivity at work

In short, with all these tools we will make the most of the benefits that current smartphones provide us and, incidentally, our working life will be able to improve significantly.

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