Applications that detect and warn of speed cameras

Applications that detect and warn of speed cameras

In the ecosystem of mobile applications that has been generated since the rise of smartphones, you can find apps of all kinds. Their number has not stopped growing year after year and they are of very varied themes; from games or social networks to tools to read news or buy products. What unites most of them, however, is that they try to be useful for our day to day. In this article we will talk about a type of useful applications for drivers, the applications that detect and warn us of the existence of radars on the road on which we circulate.

Thus, there are several quality options related to this topic. These are some of the most popular:

Your Technology Blog - Speed ​​camera warning– Radar Warning : Its name does not lead to any misunderstanding. It is one of the most complete, although it is paid: € 1.79 on iOS (Apple) and € 1.99 on Android (although there is also a free version for the latter). It has been named one of the best apps of 2012 . Inform with audible warnings of the existence of fixed speed cameras on your route, detect mobile speed cameras and display controlled traffic lights. An interactive map shows your position and that of the nearest radars. Furthermore, it can be used without being connected to the Internet. It can be downloaded in the App Store (iOS) or in the Play Store (Android).

Your Technology Blog - Speed ​​camera warning– Radardroid : Another radars announcer with great reception, only  available for Android , downloading it through the Play Store. It presents a free version, with the main functions of the application, and a paid one (€ 5.99). It emits visual, sound and voice warnings and places you on the map next to the speed of the vehicle within a well-defined map. But without a doubt, the best thing about Radardroid is the speedcam update . Through an automatic system, this application keeps its radar database always up to date.

Your Technology Blog - Speed ​​camera warningCamSam : It integrates the main functions of the other two, but the highlight of this app is that it is completely free for the 3 leading operating systems: Android , iOS and Windows Phone . It has one of the most comprehensive databases : about 60,000 radars, thanks, in part, to one of its most interesting details: it allows users to add radars with a single touch on the screen. In this way we can contribute to the database ourselves in the event that one of the radars has escaped from the application. If you want even more features you can always download CamSam Plus, for a price of € 4.19.

We remember that these applications should always be used with caution when driving . As the DGT explains , the use of the mobile phone without any device that avoids using the hands, cases or headphones contravenes the corresponding article of the General Traffic Regulation. The DGT advises prevention and prudence at all times.

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