Applications and games in English to learn the language from children

Applications and games in English to learn the language from children

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With the current proliferation of technological advances that are affecting multiple facets of our lives, a large number of applications have emerged in recent years aimed at educating children . They are applications in which, through presenting content in the form of a game , our children can learn many new concepts and develop skills that are still unknown to them.

As we mentioned in the article on educational applications to enter the world of music , the concept of “ the pleasure of learning ” through games has been recovered , which is increasingly a common goal of both pedagogues and teachers.

If, as defended by prestigious educators such as Jean Piaget or Maria Montessori in their theories , play is the main activity through which the child develops his life during the first years of age, and which, through him, investigates everything related to the environment in a free and spontaneous way, it is logical that the format of the game is extended to all educational levels. It is for this reason that a wide variety of digital tools aimed at learning English are currently emerging .

Applications and games in English to learn the language from children

They are games where the little ones in the house can spend a pleasant time with their parents and learn a different language while having fun, something that will be very useful for them in the near future. And it is that, according to what Friedrich Frobel , German pedagogue and creator of preschool education, defended , it is during the earliest ages when the child’s brain is more moldable and more susceptible to new learning. Fröbel also argued that education had to be adapted to the child’s natural development and that children’s activity should be guided through play.

Fun English

Fun English is an application that is structured in several ingenious and didactic games aimed at boys and girls from 3 to 10 years old , so that they learn to speak, write, read and spell. Designed by experts in language teaching, the application consists of an English course, with their respective lessons (there are 2 free and 14 games); Each English lesson teaches aspecific vocabulary and presents words in various situations to consolidate learning and retention.

Applications and games in English to learn the language from childrenThe free lessons are about colors and animals. Once completed, you can continue playing through the purchase of other lessons. There are about the numbers, the human body, food, clothing, the house, the vehicles … and they cost € 2.99 each. They can be purchased individually or purchased packages with various lessons. In some of them parents are also invited to participate, promoting education and creating family habits.

At Fun English, available for both Android and iOS , we will find original songs, sound effects and attractive, high-quality artwork. In addition, it uses male and female voices with a British and American accent through different tones and expressions so that the little ones can capture the subtleties of the respective pronunciations.

Pili Pop

It is the application that presents the teaching of English in the most original way. Awarded with several awards, including the best A pp award in the Perents’ Choice 2013 , it is aimed at children from 5-6 years old and tries to develop those skills that are less empowered in school, such as pronunciation or comprehension.

Applications and games in English to learn the language from childrenAt the beginning the game will ask the child to create a personal card ; progress will be kept in it. In addition, it will also have a notebook, where all the exercises you do will be stored, to which you can go to review the writing or pronunciation of the words.

Pili Pop incorporates integrated voice recognition. Using the microphone of the iPad or iPhone, boys and girls must pronounce vocabulary of all kinds. In addition, the application also has an audio-dictionary and a free monthly evaluation to follow the student’s progress. It is available for iOS .

British Council

The British Council , the prestigious British entity that is responsible for promoting cultural and educational relationships, has a series of online resources for our children to learn English. Thus, it has applications created by themselves, some for Android and some for iOS.

Available for Android we can find the Johnny Grammar’s Quiz application , a game aimed above all at practicing vocabulary . Its protagonist is an expert in English teaching named Johnny Grammar. The tool features 3 levels of grammar questions, hundreds of vocabulary questions, and a quiz on the 1,000 most commonly misspelled words in English.

Applications and games in English to learn the language from childrenFor iOS we have Learn English Kids: Phonic Stories , an application to learn to speak and write words in English through a set of interactive stories starring two cute characters named Sam and Pam. Learn English Kids helps develop reading and spelling, and improves listening and pronunciation. The objective of the boys and girls will be to collect the stories to learn all the sounds.

In short, searching through the network we will find that the available options are many. We must take advantage of the fact that, due to brain disposition, it is easier to learn a language at an early age, to start teaching the smallest knowledge that will be truly useful to them when they grow up. If, in addition, they learn by playing and having fun, the benefit is complete.

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