All in one: create our own magazines

All in one: create our own magazines

Since the beginning of the Internet, the presentation of news and articles in a single space has been a defining element of the Web. The portals that integrate news and services like Yahoo , MSN from Microsoft , news from Google , or Spanish portal Terra , have based their success to gather news from various presenting sources into a single space and with an experience of common use to all news .

The portals and directories were soon joined by desktop programs or Web applications that allowed the user to prepare their own space including news from various sources from technologies such as RSS or Atom. Google Reader, decommissioned last year by Google, the also defunct personal aggregator of Bloglines or the My Yahoo service were some of the featured products of this generation of customizable aggregators .

But the story continues and we find a resurgence of this type of service. Throughout 2013, three factors have contributed to the success and increase in the offer of applications that allow us to prepare our own digital magazines integrating news from different sources: the boom in mobility with tablets and smartphones, the intensive use of networks social that forces many users to integrate in a single space the news of the people they follow through various platforms, and, finally, the disappearance of the Google Reader service has also had some impact , which has opened a space for new companies software and new approaches.

Your Tech Blog - Create our own magazines - FlipboardAmong the magazines or magazines that integrate news, blogs and social networks, allowing us to prepare and manage our own magazine , Flipboard shines with its own light , clearly focused on an excellent experience of use on mobile devices.

Flipboard allows you to choose by topic (news, sports, technology, etc.), add posts from specific sources (major newspapers and news agencies), add blogs that interest you from your own lists, or even add other source aggregators RSS. It also allows us to incorporate our accounts from a dozen social networks or subscriptions, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Flipboard also allows us to select individual news and prepare our own magazines. It also has extensions for the main browsers that allow you to add pages we visit, news, photos or videos to these magazines. These personal magazines can be shared.

The integration of news and social networks in a single site, not only facilitates the reading and the choice of content but also allows to cover a wide spectrum of information in an orderly manner, considerably improving the experience of following news and networks, since it allows searching for topics, tags (hashtags), or blogs moving smoothly in a magazine-like environment.

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